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Eduardo Barboza da Silva (Eduardo Barboza) is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Master Júlio César Pereira and a representative of the GF Team in the sport’s international circuit. One of the top rooster weights of his generation, Eduardo Barboza has conquered medals in important tournaments such as the IBJJF World Championship and Pan American Championship as well as the Rio International Open.

Eduardo Barboza Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Eduardo Barboza da Silva

Nickname: “Dudu” – short for Eduardo.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Luis França > Oswaldo Fadda > Monir Salomão > Júlio César > Eduardo Barboza

Main Achievements:

  • World Champion (2014 purple)
  • Rio International Open Champion (2012 purple)
  • World Championship Runner-up (2015 brown)
  • Pan American Championship Runner-up (2016 brown)
  • Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2013/2014 purple, 2015 brown)

Favorite Position/Technique: Open Guard

Weight Division: Peso Galo (57kg/127lbs)

Team/Association: GF Team

Eduardo Barboza Biography

Eduardo Barboza was born on July 11, 1992 in Belford Roxo, a city on the state of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – Baixada Fluminense.

While growing up Eduardo often suffered from bronchitis, while also developing an introverted disposition. For these reasons Barboza’s father decided to sign him onto a jiu jitsu academy when he was 14 years old, in an attempt to improve his son’s health and force him to interact with other teenagers.

Instrutor Júlio César Almeida, who’s academy was also in Belford Roxo, was Eduardo’s first instructor. During his first few years competing, Barboza’s talent was undeniable and soon Eduardo understood he needed to be in a more competitive environment to succeed at the highest level in this sport.

As a purple belt Eduardo Barbosa decided to join GF Team, one of the biggest academies in Rio de Janeiro, where he quickly started gaining notoriety in jiu jitsu’s international circuit. Eduardo’s rampant career at GFT came to a halt on April 2016 due to a severe hand injury (ligament tear) which required surgery and kept him away from many tournaments that year.

Barboza’s success on the mats earned him his brown and black belts from the hands of Júlio César Pereira – leader of the GFT workgroup. Eduardo’s black belt being tied on September 21, 2016. 4 days after he earned his black belt Barboza was invited to teach in Houston – Texas, where he settled at a GF Team affiliate there.

Cover photo by Marco Aurélio Ferreira of Arena JJ.

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