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A different facet to the BJJ Heroes website, this “Jiu Jitsu Culture” segment tries to shed light on a few of the subjects that jiu jitsu athletes and enthusiasts follow and that make grappling a unique sport.

Why Do We Call The BJJ Uniform a Gi and Not a Kimono? This is a common question, often asked by newcomers. The name derives from the Japanese roots of the martial art, especially the names applied by the judoka. Here are is a quick insight to the Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform names.

Jiu jitsu’s first ever competition in Brazilian land took place in 1915. Find here the rules, competitors, winners and implications this important tournament had in shaping the martial art towards its current formats.

For many, BJJ was the only way out of a life of certain poverty, the only way in to becoming a productive member of modern day society, this article speaks about them and about jiu jitsu as a way to make champions outside the match arena.

This article here presented, describes some of the most important female personalities jiu jitsu has had for the past few decades, women Like who helped cement jiu jitsu as a leading combat sport it is today.

A chronological account of one of the biggest rivalries in martial arts history and the events that led to it. The jiu jitsu vs. luta livre lasted for almost a century, starting in the early 1930′s until de end of the 20th century.

Fantastic text written by Protocolo BJJ and Eduardo Flexa, describing the essence of being a good coach in extraordinary circumstances. An example to follow in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The ‘Grau de Poderosidade’ was scale created as a joke by the late Great Master Carlson Gracie to define a few of his student’s characters. The term (that could be translated as: Scale of Prowess / Slickness / Arrogance or ‘Powerfulness’) was very quickly adopted by many people within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.

There is a famous quote in jiu jitsu that says: “jiu-jitsu é a única arte marcial que tem família” (jiu-jitsu is the only martial art that has a family), though my knowledge of all martial arts isn’t strong enough for me to attest the truthfulness of this statement, my understanding of the background and the history of the sport can certainly verify that strong family ties are what helped build this sport/martial art.

Take a walk down memory lane and read about the connection between surfing and jiu jitsu, from the confrontations between representatives of the two sports in the 1970s until the prosperous and harmonious relationship between the two sports today.

Examples and styles of tattoos used by jiu jitsu competitors and practitioners all around the world, from team tattoos to more cool and inventive ideas such as the Gonzo (from the Muppet Show) doing a mata leão on another character. Also Japanese kanji tattoos and many more.

If you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with the gi (kimono) regularly, the chances of you having problems with the joints in your fingers at …