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Givanildo Santana is a Lotus Jiu Jitsu Club representative, and former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who was regarded as one of the top jiu jitsu stylists in MMA, having finished his career with an 18-3-0 record, 16 submission wins (13 armbars).

Geovanny Martinez, commonly known as “Geo” Martinez is a 10th Planet jiu jitsu black belt under Eddie Bravo and one of the top no gi grapplers of his generation, having reached his black belt grade in 3 years time with big wins at touraments such as the ADCC trials and EBI.

Rodrigo Pagani is a jiu jitsu black belt under Saulo Ribeiro, being an illustrious representative of the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu association in Brazil. A former Brazilian National and International Masters & Seniors champion, Rodrigo Pagani is mostly known for his trademark positions, such as the “magretti choke” and the “curu curu guard”.

David Terrell (Dave Terrell) was the first black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu awarded by Cesar Gracie. Widely regarded as one of the top grappling competitors of his generation, having medalled at the ADCC tournament finals and with wins over renowned competitors such as Ricardo Almeida, Fernando “Margarida” or Dean Lister. David Terrell transitioned to mixed martial arts (MMA), reaching the UFC, though he would later be cut from the organization after a series of unfortunate injuries. Dave Terrell later became one of the top grappling and MMA coaches in North California, through his own endeavour, the NorCal Fighting Alliance, find out the story of this American grappling legend here.

Dimitrius Souza, also known as “Dimi” is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Sergio Moraes and one of the top Alliance academy representatives in the heavyweight division. A product of the Nascidos para Vencer social project in Sao Paulo, Dimitrius medalled in some of the top tournaments in the world at black belt such as the World Jiu Jitsu Championship, having also won the Brazilian National title on several occasions as well as the South American title.

One of the top representatives of the Gracie Barra team during the early 2000′s, Bruno Fernandes became one of the most prestigious grappling coaches in Canada, having worked with many of UFC’s top stars from the Tri Star gym in Montreal, including George St. Pierre. Bruno later founded the first Gracie Barra academy in Montreal.

BJJ Ranking, March 2015 edition. The BJJ Heroes’ jiu jitsu rankings follows a competition driven point system, these points are harvested from the sport’s most important tournaments to form an unbiased list of top Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors by weight division. On this article you will find who are the top grapplers in the world at this moment in time.

Fernando Gurgel is one of the founders of Brazilian jiu jitsu’s most dominating team, the Alliance academy. A former student of Romero Cavalcanti, Fernando Gurgel was at one point the head coach of the Alliance academy in Rio de Janeiro. Fernando is also the older brother of Fabio Gurgel. Find more of this great BJJ figure here.

Sergio “Malibu” was one of the most recognizable figures in Jiu Jitsu during the 1980s and 1990s. One of the main advocates for the surfing/jiu jitsu lifestyle crossover, and former Pan American and Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Champion, Malibu was a student of Rolls Gracie and Rickson Gracie who became highly involved with the start of the Master Academy of Romero Cavalcanti.

Eduardo Leitão is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Waldomiro Perez and the head coach of the Cia Paulista team in Brazil, one of the leading academies of the São Paulo state. Leitão was also one of the main figures in São Paulo’s jiu jitsu landscape throughout his career, having competed on all age divisions from Infant to Master 4, whilst also earning several titles in the black belt division.

One of the greatest super heavyweight competitors in jiu jitsu’s sporting history, Alexandre “Café”, became known as a Gracie Barra representative during the 2000′s decade, where he accumulated victories over some top competitors such as Fabricio Werdum, Marcelo Garcia, Fernando “Terere” or Demian Maia to name a few. Café also had a short spell as a mixed martial arts fighter, competing in the UFC.

Ricardo Rezende is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, being also one of the most talented grapplers of his generation, having earned important titles in the sport, such as the World Expo GP, the No Gi Pan American and the Miami Open, to name a few. Find more on this Fight Sports athlete here.

Kim Terra is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Ricardo Vieira, being a representative of the CTBJJA at international events, a team created by Kim’s older brother Caio Terra. Kim is regarded as a tough competitor in the black belt division, having medalled in tournaments such as the World and Brazilian National No Gi Championships as well as the Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championship. Check inside for more detail regarding Kim Terra.

One of the top competitors in Brazilian jiu jitsu’s female division, Monique Elias stormed through her competition at the lower belt levels obtaining a stacked list of sporting accomplishments. Find the story of this former model turned into fierce competitor in one of the toughest sports in the world.

One of Europe’s most prestigeous tournaments, the IBJJF London Winter Open 2015 was (yet again) an alround success. Located in the excellent Copper Box …

Roy Harris is an accomplished American martial artist, known in the Brazilian jiu jitsu world for being a black belt under Joe Moreira and for belonging to jiu jitsu’s “Dirty Dozen”, the first group of 12 non Brazilian men to have been distinguished with the rank of black belt in this grappling style. Roy Harris is also known as one of the first instructors to publicly publish a formal testing criteria for jiu jitsu, formalizing his promotion tests from white belt to black belt. Find more of Harris’ story here.

Marcos Tinoco, also known as Marcos Silva or “Lekinho”, is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Marcelo Garcia, who trained extensively with Juarez Soares in Brazil. Tinoco belongs to a first generation of black belt competitors developed by the legendary Garcia, a team that caused waves in the sport of jiu jitsu at brown belt. Find here more about Marcos Tinoco, his roots and his grappling career.

Marcelo Alonso is a 5th degree black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu regarded as one of Carlson Gracie’s most famous and respected students. Alonso was an instructor at the Carlson Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro for many years, coaching many of the great fighters of that era before moving to the United States in the late 1990′s, settling in the Seattle area, where he quickly became a reference among the local grappling scene.

Rafael “Fofitio” was one of the best competitors of the Galo (under 127lbs) division and the leading figure of an important Brazilian grappling team named Oriente Jiu Jitsu, of Niteroi, a team affiliated with Nova Uniao, that produced legendary jiu jitsu competitors such as Thiago Fernandes, Ramon Lemos, Gilbert Burns and many others. A former 2x world champion and 2x world cup champion, Fofitio was one of the top figures of the 2000′s decade.

Marcelo Mello is a former UFC fighter and a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, officially under Royler Gracie, who also trained extensively with the late Master Carlson Gracie. A historical figure in the sport having helped establish the Brazilian grappling style in places such as Argentina and the USA, Mello’s path in jiu jitsu is also unique one, as he was awarded his black belt on two separate occasions (in 1994 and in 1997) by two separate instructors, Carlson and Royler Gracie respectively. Full story here.