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Brazilian jiu jitsu related news and current events are published on this section of the website, from the latest results of grappling’s most established tournaments, to news about the important figures who develop this sport/martial art and other interesting topics.

On the 21st of November, 2015 we witnessed one of the greatest Brazilian jiu jitsu events of the year, combining some of the greatest grapplers in the sport today with some of Russia’s top submission artists in a fantastic mix of new blood and veteran class.

Commonly known for its guard work, jiu jitsu also has an intricate takedown aspect. In this particle we show a few amazing Brazilian jiu jitsu battles from the stand-up. Enjoy the takedowns!

With the UAEJJF’s plans of expansion well underway, the Federation is investing big in Europe with London having been chosen to host one of the prestigious Gran Slam Tour events on March 2016. But this expansion is not a privilege unique to the 8.5 million Londoners, the United Arab Emirates Jiu Jitsu Federation is looking to brighten the competitive landscape of other European countries such as France and Spain.

Final ranking for Brazilian jiu jitsu’s main competitors, gathering the results from the main federations of the BJJ world, doing an unofficial ranking in an attempt to unify the sport’s ranking.

Kron Gracie‘s opponent for the upcoming Japanese mixed martial arts (MMA) event Rinzin Fighting has been announced: Asen Yamamoto. Much like Kron Gracie, Asen …

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8 2015 and yet another edition of the IBJJF World No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Championship. The event has been gaining momentum in the …

As the troops prepare for the open weight division, the semi finalists of the IBJJF No-Gi Championship black belt adult division are now outlined. ROOSTER …

We are rapidly approaching the end of 2015. For this reason we went through a few of the top brown belts in the world this year, competitors who have not yet leaped into the stage that is the black belt adult division, though they are expected to cause an immediate impact there as soon as they reach their hard earned belts.

Known as one of the “bad boys” of the sport, enfant terrible Erberth Santos has now officially left the team that made him famous, …

Results for the Brazilian National Pro held this weekend in Sao Paulo, one of UAEJJF’s top tournaments in the country, one that had some of the top talent in Brazil battling for the free ticket to the World Pro next year.

The biggest no-gi event in Brazil has just passed us on the 25th of October 2015 and as expected it gathered the cream of …

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles – Oct 18th, 2015- Free live broadcast is starting. This is for the second edition of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, an event produced by the UAEJJF. This the Grand Slam Tour has now reached Los Angeles after an amazing show in Tokyo, producing high value prize money and a roster of amazing grapplers.

The production of high level submission artists in grappling is not a monopoly of Brazilian jiu jitsu, many athletes have come forward in the past few years with backgrounds in a variety of martial arts styles. In this article we go through a few of the top non-BJJ grapplers we have seen compete in recent times.

On this article, we will go through a Top 10 of the biggest upsets in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Matches that left fans scratching their heads, while reshaping our perception of the top contenders and our understanding of the sport.

The 9th edition of the No Gi Pan American Championship took place on the 3rd of October, 2015 at the Nat Holman Gym (CCNY) in New York City, New York. One of IBJJF’s main tournaments of the year. Find out the results here.

On this article we will go through the male black belt divisions of the 2015 IBJJF No-Gi Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championship, and make our predictions on who the winners will be

Explaining the proposal and vision of UAEJJF (United Arab Emirates Jiu Jitsu Federation) for the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Their new National Pro series as well as Grand Slam, all part of the Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Tour.

One of the most accomplished female Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors to have ever entered a mat, Gabi Garcia is now set to make her mixed martial arts (MMA) début. More information inside.

It seems as though the famed 4x jiu jitsu black belt world champion, Leandro Lo is about to leave the academy that brought him to the spotlight of jiu jitsu. More information inside.

A rundown of the top jiu jitsu grapplers currently competing in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), from the UFC to One Fc, among all cage fighting organizations. Top 15 jiu jitsu fighters in the sport.