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Brazilian jiu jitsu related news and current events are published on this section of the website, from the latest results of grappling’s most established tournaments, to news about the important figures who develop this sport/martial art and other interesting topics.

Full card for the 2017 Berkut Grand Prix – 75kg and 85kg as well as the rules set for this brand new GP – also known as ACBJJ Grand Prix.

Full results for the 2017 New York International Pro, an event promoted by the UAEJJF. The tournament witnessed many of the current jiu jitsu stars in America’s East Coast enter the mats.

Full results for the Argentina National Pro, an event promoted by the UAEJJF. The tournament witnessed many of the current stars of jiu jitsu enter the mats, with one shining brighter than all others: brown belt Gustavo Batista.

Full results for Copa Podio 2017 Lightweight Grand Prix. The famous Brazilian jiu jitsu event saw the opening round of its 5th season today, in Sao Paulo’s Clube Sírio venue. Find out who won and who lost in this exciting grappling event.

The IBJJF Pro League Grand Prix 2017, set to happen in August 26, 2017 has been shaping up over the past couple of months and is already promising to bring some real heavyweight monsters to the squared arena. Find out who those are here.

Full schedule and card of the upcoming Copa Podio Grand Prix (77kg) happening on February 18. Aside from the lightweight GP, the event will also feature the final round of the teams challenge (Australia vs Scandinavia), a brown belt challenge as well as a no-gi and mixed (gi + nogi) superfights. Not to miss!

ADCC Brazilian Trials 2017 results. One of the most highly praised trials in the Abu Dhabi Combat Club selection process is the Rio de Janeiro trials. Find out the results in this article.

Full card for Copa Podio’s Lightweight Grand Prix 2017, an event that opens the 5th season of the world famous jiu jitsu promotion. The event will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will gather some of the sport/martial art’s most well known athletes.

A run down through Submission Underground’s main event, an epic match between Dillon Danis and AJ Agazarm, two of the most exciting competitors in our sport. Also, get to know the full card of this submission only style event.

Results for the 2017 IBJJF European International Open black belt divisions. The tournament, held in Lisbon – Portugal gathered many top competitors in today’s grappling circuit and crowned to champions for the first major jiu jitsu event of the year.

Full results on the Sapateiro Invitational 6. An open weight jiu jitsu tournament that featured big names of grappling such as Gordon Ryan, Antonio “Cara de Sapato”, Enrico Cocco, Marcel Goncalves and many more.

On this page you will be able to check the medal tally for the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s European Open per country. The European International Open was held in Lisbon, Portugal on January of 2017 gathering athletes from all over the world.

The opening event for the 5th season of Copa Podio is set for February 18, one month away, and will be streamed by a new online channel dedicated to the fans of this well known professional jiu-jitsu event. More news inside.

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour hit the UAE capital January 2017 in the second edition of the event. Find out who the champions were and how they won their divisions on this article.

The well known Eastern European fighting promotion Fight Club Berkut is expanding it’s reach in Brazilian jiu jitsu having lauched a new promotion: ACBJJ (Absolute Championship Berkut Jiu Jitsu). A promotion that promises to re-shape our sport’s landscape, here are the details.

Jiu jitsu’s unprecedented turn to social media has challenged the boundaries of popularity in our sport. Fan favourites, internet rivalries and social media has changed the way this sport/martial art is seen by the average fan. On this article we discuss this new facet of grappling.

Full explanation of rule-set and athletes competing at the Sapateiro Invitational tournament, a submission-only jiu jitsu competition with a strong emphasis on footlock attackers. The venue, the date and other relevant information also on this article.

Final ranking for Brazilian jiu jitsu’s main competitors in 2016, gathering the results from the main federations of the BJJ world. This is an unofficial ranking that tries to unify other of this sport’s listings.

We are excited to bring you the news that Roger Gracie has finally decided to share the details of his grappling portfolio on to an online instructional channel. More news inside.

Full results and stats from this weekend’s most talked about event, the Studio 540 Superfight event that saw 3 high level submission only matches between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena, Garry Tonon and Kim Terra as well as Nick Ryan vs Kennedy Maciel.