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Lucas Lepri: Techniques of a World Champion DVD Review

Lucas Lepri: Techniques of a World Champion DVD Review


Lucas Lepri Techniques DVD Review

Lucas Lepri, for those unfamiliar with the name, is a World Champion Jiu Jitsu black belt, both with the Gi (kimono) and No Gi having been at the top of BJJ’s lightweight division – one of the toughest in Jiu Jitsu – since 2007. On this DVD you will find a few of the techniques Lepri is famous for and also learn more about the man behind the competitor. The DVD is filmed and edited in an unconventional manner, showing not only the technical abilities of this Alliance black belt, but also displaying his likes and dislikes, his ambitions for the future and a little run of his day to day activities when he was in Japan doing the video, like: Lepri at the coffee shop, a little of his warm up and even a few “Capoeira” moves, a martial art he started even before BJJ.

The Highs

For a reasonably short DVD (97 minutes in total), Lucas Lepri manages to cover a lot of ground. I personally liked the closed guard section where he shows a few of my favourite moves from that position, always adding his personal touch to the techniques. You will see several sweeps and submissions for different types of postures with not a lot of “fancy” tricks. The DVD also goes through some guard passing from closed and spider guard (with and without overhooking). The De La Riva guard passing also has some very clever ideas on how to release the knee pressure, and Lepri goes over several different grips within this guard.

Lepri also goes to show a few of his techniques from the point of view of the guard player, with lots of attacks from the Spider Guard (with and without foot on the hip), passing through butterfly guard positions and half guard (though only glancing this section).

The light hearted nature of the DVD is also very transparent, and it makes for a very enjoyable feature. Lepri shows a little of his goofy side, with some “Ninja Positions” as he calls them, such as the flying armbar and the surfer’s back take. And we get a feel of how he is “back stage” with a few trips with the World Champ, including his trip to the airport where he says goodbye to the crew members.

The Lows

The DVD is in Portuguese and the subtitles are in Japanese. It is a shame they couldn’t translate the DVD to English, as a lot of the light heartedness I speak about in the previous paragraph might very well be missed if you don’t know what the man is talking about. On the technical aspect, I think 95% will be understood, as most of us can understand what the position is by looking at what he is doing, but the social aspect of the DVD is missed, like the time when he is talking about the people he admires the most in Jiu Jitsu (Terere and Shaolin by the way). There is also no competition footage of Lucas Lepri on this DVD, something I really liked on the Cobrinha DVD set and the Jeff Glover DVD, but you do get to see Lepri roll with a few other black belts in class.

The DVD also goes through a few takedowns, which might be helpful for some less experienced BJJ’ers out there, but I personally would rather have more of his ground work on display, specially his deep half guard that is not covered on the DVD.

The Veredict

The DVD is a a very good addition to one’s instructional collection. It covers a lot of ground, though never really going deep into one single subject. Unlike many other DVD’s out there, Lucas Lepri keeps it simple and effective, but, at the end of the day, not having English subtitles does hinder the end result of the DVD, which is a shame. I would say it was an excellent choice if it wasn’t for the lack of subtitles wich turns this into a B rather then an A.

The DVD Includes:
Closed guard sweeps and submissions
Spider guard passes
De la Riva guard passes
Spider guard sweeps
De la Riva sweeps
Hook guard (butterfly guard) passes
Sparring footage

You will find this instructional available to buy HERE.


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