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Clarification on the USA Squad Kit Ahead of World Pro

Clarification on the USA Squad Kit Ahead of World Pro

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On the 29th of March BJJ Heroes reported on the release of a new deal between the United States Jiu-Jitsu Association (the American federation linked with the UAEJJF) and a well known gi brand, for the development of a customised USA uniform ahead of the Abu Dhabi World Pro. In our report, this arrangement would deem the use of this uniform mandatory to all athletes in the American national squad. This imposition is, however, not true.

Today we have been informed by Rodrigo Clark, president of the USJJA, that this deal is intended to be an extra kit for the American athletes, and absolutely optional. His statement mentioned the following:

The USJJA, United States Jiu-Jitsu Association, through their relationship with Storm Kimonos has celebrated a deal so that the company could provide exclusive uniforms for all athletes who qualified for the event [World Pro].

It was never our intention that these athletes would be forced to wear this uniform. This is different from what was reported, as the athletes’ trip to Abu Dhabi was never conditioned to the use of any sort of material or merchandise from this or any other company.

The arrangement for the production of these kimonos was celebrated without any imposition from behalf of the UAEJJF, for these athletes to stop wearing the uniforms provided by their respective sponsors.

This kit, offered by Storm, is a way we have found to recognise the effort undertaken by these athletes, throughout this season.

As event organisers we have a real grasp of how important these competitors are. As such we seek to attend to their needs and provide something which may help them feel special in virtue of their conquests.

In sum, the channels used by BJJ Heroes to clarify the issue at first (the administrative in charge of the press release, and someone whom we took to be a UAEJJF delegate) did not provide adequate information, and in turn caused this false rumour to be spread. All athletes are welcome to wear their own gear, but will have a national uniform to choose from if they so see fit.

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