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Leandro Lo Abandons Ns Brotherhood Leadership

Leandro Lo Abandons Ns Brotherhood Leadership

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NOVEMBER 29, 2018 News has just come forward that Leandro Lo has stepped down from his role as head coach of New School Brotherhood, a team he founded on September 2015, after leaving the Projeto Social Pelo Bem (PSLPB) – Cicero Costha academy. According to our sources, the reasons for this decision have not been made totally clear, though the argument given thus far references the 29YO, and 6x IBJJF World Champion’s wishes to focus solely on competition and his own career.

Grappling veteran Augusto Ferrari has been given the reigns of the São Paulo based team, having already been a deciding figure in the promotion of Pedro Elias to black belt earlier this week.

This could be great news for Lo fans, who should expect to see him push further than ever in 2019. Currently recovering from an injury, Leandro has been slowly returning to practice and expects to make his comeback to the international circuit in January, at the IBJJF European Open Championship, in Odivelas – Portugal.

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