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Mario Sperry vs Murilo Ninja Rua Fight

Ze Mario Sperry vs Ninja Rua

Ze Mario Sperry

Mario Sperry vs Murilo Ninja Rua MMA fight

When we say we only show good MMA fights at BJJ Heroes, we REALLY mean it. This is another one of those cases. The fight occurred in 2002 (at Pride 20) in a time were BTT (Brazilian Top Team) and Chute Boxe were at their most heated rivalry. Fighters were bad mouthing each other from both sides of the camp and the fight was organized. Ze Mario Sperry was the head instructor of BTT and a BJJ black belt under Master Carlson Gracie, and Murilo “Ninja” Rua was one of Chute Boxe’s prodigal fighters.

The tension on the ring was going through the roof, and what promised to be a great fight before it started, lived well up to the expectation. Don’t blink on this one, because the action blasts from the start.

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