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Nakamura vs Cristea Fight Video


Nakamura MMA FighterNakamura vs Cristea

This can very well be the best 2nd Round in MMA history for the grappling lovers. The fight occurred on July 7 2008 in the M1 fighting organization, Japan vs Holand challenge.
The veteran submission fighter Daisuke Nakamura against the less experienced Dutch fighter Bogdan Cristea, although Nakamura was a heavy favourite, Cristea showed he was a little tougher then experts gave him credit for, in a fight that would make people’s jaws open, with a second round worthy of the title for “best MMA fight ever”.

This video has been removed

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  • ffadsfasf says:

    Dutch fighter Bogdan Cristea????? ROMANIAN ! Bogdan will crush Nakamura will make him "muraturi"