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Ricardo Arona vs Murilo Ninja Rua Great MMA Fight

Ricardo Arona vs Murilo Ninja Rua

Ricardo Arona

Pride 23, in 2002 – Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

Ricardo Arona vs Murino “Ninja” Rua

At the turn of the century two Brazilian teams ruled the the Pride FC MMA organization, their names were Brazilian Top Team (BTT) and Chute-Boxe. The battles between the two were always a spectacle to be seen. This fight came in 2002, after Murilo “Ninja” Rua defeated Ze Mario Sperry (a fight that can also be seen in, Sperry was Arona’s teacher at the time, and Arona felt Murilo had disrespected Sperry in the press conference after their fight. As such, Arona challenged Ninja in order to “teach him respect”.

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