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ADCC 2009 DVD Review


Buy the 2009 ADCC DVD here

2011 is ADCC year, arguably (but not by many) the World’s most important and prestigious submission wrestling tournament, and “yours truly” couldn’t help but open up the old DVD trunk and have another look at the 2009 edition of the tournament. I will gladly confess that I am happy I did. The ADCC 2009 is like a technical playground where you can watch what works and what doesn’t work at high level without the gi and a true display of the evolution that has taken a hold of BJJ and Grappling as a whole in recent years with the inovations of people like Ryan Hall, Rafael Mendes, Roberto Abreu amongst many others.

The Highs

The commentary in the finals is excellent, Shawn Williams knows a whole lot about the game and is very much up to date with everything that is going on the mats, Patrick Flannery is also very knowledgeable and the pair have a good interrelation.

And of course, the fights… This tournament was filled with jaw dropping moments that will have you jumping, screaming and cheering at the TV. The fight between Cobrinha and Rafael Mendes is possibly the most intense and exciting fight in ADCC history, then you have the passage of the ADCC torch as a historic figure of this tournament such as Leo Vieira battles it out with the new breed of fighter that is Rafael Mendes; the exciting backwards and forwards fight between Rany yahya and Jeff Glover, in fact the under 65 kg division is stacked with amazing fights, but there are plenty more in the other divisions, Marcelinho vs Kron Gracie, Murilo Santana vs Gregor Gracie, Andre Galvao vs Braulio, Vinny Magalhaes vs Marcio Cruz, Cyborg vs Jeff Monson, Hillary Williams vs. Megumi Fuji… The list is endless.

The Lows

Even a tournament with such big names has it’s boring moments, and there are a few on the DVD’s I would keep that “FF” button close by, just in case.

The lack of commentary on every fight is unfortunate. Understandably, doing 20 hours of commentary “in loco” would be very hard to do, but I believe that some deferred commentary could (and should) be done.

The lack of spectators (although this is not at all the editors fault) is also very sad. Doing such a big event in a country with almost no BJJ or Wrestling roots is kind of absurd. Don’t know who’s idea that was, but he should definitely re-thing the whole ADCC strategy in the future.

The soundtrack playing when in the fights are on is absolutely appalling and has little to do with an event of such big proportions. Its the kind of thing that really takes alot away from the competition atmosphere.

The Veredict

An amazing buy for all of you BJJ and ADCC fans out there. It is not one of those DVD’s that you will spend one afternoon watching, it is one of those DVD sets you will spend several afternoons watching and when coming back, there will always be another little detail that you might have missed. It is a wonderful DVD to try and understand what a few of the best in the business are (were) doing and you really can’t consider yourself a fan of Nogi if you haven’t seen these guys fight.

You can purchase the 2009 ADCC 7 disc set here.

The disc Includes:

Disc 1 – Men’s under 65 Kilos
Rani Yahya vs Kouhei Yasumi
Jeff Glover vs Timo Juhani Hirv
Rubens Charles vs Hiroshi Nakamura
Joel Tudor vs Nicolas Renier
Leo Vieira vs David Marinakis
Ryan Hall vs Jeff Curran
Rafael Mendes vs Jayson Patino
Baret Yoshida vs Justin Rader
Rani Yahya vs Jeff Glover
Rubens Charles vs Joel Tudor
Leo Vieira vs Ryan Hall
Rafael Mendes vs Justin Rader
Rani Yahya vs Rubens Charles
Leo Vieira vs Rafael Mendes
Rubens Charels vs Rafael Mendes
Jeff Glover vs Ryan Hall

Disc 2: Men’s under 76 kilos
Marcelo Garcia vs Rodney Ellis
Kron Gracie vs Enrico Cocco
Mike Fowler vs Marcelo Azevedo
Milton Vieira vs Kentaro Nakamura
Pablo Popovitch vs Don Ortega
Ben Askren vs Toni Linden
Leo Santos vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Murilo Santana vs Gregor Gracie
Mareclo Garcia vs Kron Gracie
Marcelo Azevedo vs Kentaro Nakamura
Pablo Popovitch vs Ben Askren
Leo Santos vs Gregor Gracie
Marcelo Garcia vs Kentaro Nakamura
Pablo Popovitch vs Gregor Gracie
Marcelo Garcia vs Pablo Popovitch
Marcelo Garcia vs Toru Nakayama

Disc 3 – Men’s under 87 kilos
Andre Galvao vs Kassim Annan
Chris Weidman vs Daniel Tabera
Tarsis Humphreys vs Igor Praporshchikov
David Avellan vs Trond Saksenvik
Braulio Estima vs Yuji Arai
Gunnar Nelson vs James Brasco
Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Tom Lawlor
Bruno Bastos vs Jorge Santiago
Andre Galvao vs Chris Weidman
Tarsis Humphreys vs David Avellan
Braulio Estima vs James Brasco
Rafael Lovato Jr vs Bruno Bastos
Andre Galvao vs David Avellan
Braulio Estima vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Andre Alvao vs Braulio Estima
Rafael Lovato Jr vs David Avellan

Disc 4 – Men’s under 98 kilos
Xande Ribeiro vs Ilir Latifi
Radek Turek vs Rafael Davies
Marcio Cruz vs Anthony Perosh
Vinny Magalhaes vs Rodrigo Cavaca
Dean Lister vs Andreas Olsen
Glover Teixeira vs Vesa Vuori
Ricco Rodriguez vs Tomasz Szczerek
Gerardi Rinaldi vs Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
Xande Ribeiro vs Radek Turek
Marcio Crus vs Vinny Magalhaes
Dean Lister vs Glover Teixeira
Tomasz Szczerek vs Gerardi Rinaldi
Xande Ribeiro vs Vinny Magalhaes
Glover Teixeira vs Gerardi Rinaldi
Xande Ribeiro vs Gerardi Rinaldi
Vinny Magalhaes vs Glover Teixeria

Disc 5 Men’s over 99 kilos
Fabricio Werdum vs Rogent Lorent
Antoine Jaoude vs Tomasz Janiszewski
Romulo Barral vs Denis Roberts
Saulo Ribeiro vs Kouji Kanechika
Jeff Monson vs Karol Bedorf
Tom Erickson vs Janne-Pekka Pietilainen
Roberto Abreu vs Tom de Blass
Mike Matell vs Asa Fuller
Fabricio Werdum vs Tomasz Janiszewski
Romulo Barral vs Saulo Ribeiro
Jeff Monson vs Janne-Pekka Pietilainen
Roberto Abreu vs Asa Fuller
Fabricio Werdum vs Saulo Ribeiro
Jeff Monson vs Roberto Abreu
Fabricio Werdum vs Roberto Abreu
Saulo Ribeiro vs Jeff Monson

Disc 6 – Women’s Under 59.9 Kilos and over 60 Kilos
Penny Thomas vs Shanti Abelha
Cristiane Cyborg vs Ida Hansson
Hannette Staack vs Hitomi Hiraiwa
Lana Stephanac vs Rosangela Conceicao
Hannette Staack vs Rosangela Conceicao
Megumi Fujii vs Hillary Williams
Sayaka Shioda vs Bianca Andrade
Luanna Alzuguir vs Ina Steffensen
Laurence Cousin vs Ana Michelle Dantas
Hillary Williams vs Sayaka Shioda
Luanna Alzuguir vs Laurence Cousin
Penny Thomas vs Cristiane Cyborg
Penny Thomas vs Hannette Staack
Sayaka Shioda vs Luanna Alzuguir
Cristiane Cyborg vs Rosangela Conceicao
Hillary Williams vs Laurence Cousin

Disc 7 – Men’s Absolute
Marcelo Garcia vs Braulio Estima
Vinny Magalhaes vs Chris Weidman
Xande Ribeiro vs Andre Galvao
Gunnar Nelson vs David Avellan
Braulio Estima vs Vinny Magalhaes
Xande Ribeiro vs Gunnar Nelson
Braulio Estima vs Xande Ribeiro
Vinny Magalhaes vs Gunnar Nelson
Xande Ribeiro vs Ricco Rodriguez
Vinny Magalhaes vs Dean Lister
Roberto Abreu vs David Avallan
Gunnar Nelson vs Jeff Monson

Super Fight
Jacare vs Robert Drysdale

You can purchase the 2009 ADCC 7 disc set here.

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