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Roberto Cyborg Abreu Guard Collection DVD Review


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For those of you hiding in the caves that are unfamiliar with Roberto Abreu, he is one of the most exciting fighters to watch in any division and in any submission grappling based style (gi and nogi). His creative use of the Tornado Guard (also known as Inverted Guard) took this mobile position to a whole new level, and that has been on display in recent tournaments such as the Mundial (2010) and the World Nogi Championships (also 2010). Roberto Cyborg comes across on this DVD as an extremely ingenious coach, showing that this instructional is not only an amazing find for those who love the tornado guard, but also the lovers of the guard game as a whole.

The highs

I believe this is probably one of the best BJJ instructional DVD’s out there. The time Cyborg takes to explain the positions in detail is spot on and extremely helpful for those less familiarized with some of his unusual movements. The tornado guard techniques are incredible, but the DVD works as a whole and he has a lot more up his Gi sleeve. Abreu’s game from the Deep Half guard is truly amazing, and the detail he puts into his positions surpasses even that of Jeff Glover’s, in my opinion. His closed guard variations are also very worthy of being on this DVD, and undoubtedly of use to any guard player.

The lows

For the first time, I am left with no bad things to say… I could possibly point out the number of times Roberto says “Ok guys, pay attention”, but I must admit that I even found that to be amusing.

The Veredict

It is not hard to say it again; this is one of the best instructional DVD’s I have come across. I personally love playing the guard, and have been a fan of Mr Cyborg for a while and his DVD did not disappoint in the least. It is well planned out, the sequence in which the techniques are shown and described is correct, Roberto Abreu is articulate and passionate about his techniques, which makes the whole experience “that” much better. Dare I say, flawless material… yes, I just did.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu’s Tornado Guard Instructional DVD Includes:

Disc 1
1. Shoulder Guard 1
2. Shoulder Guard 2
3. Shoulder Guard Triangle
4. Shoulder Guard Omoplata Sweep
5. Shoulder Guard Omoplata
6. Legs on Back Guard 1
7. Legs On Back Guard 2
8. Legs On Back Sweep to Armbar
9. Legs On Back Shoulder Lock
10. Legs On Back to Armbar 1
11. Legs On Back to Armbar 2
12. Sweep to Knee Bar
13. Double Sleeve Control
14. Double Sleeve Triangle
15. Double Sleeve Omoplata
16. Double Sleeve Reverse Triangle
17. Double Sleeve Sweep
18. Double Sleeve Wrist Lock
19. Shoulder Trap Armbar
20. Shoulder Trap Omoplata
21. Standing Counter 1
22. Standing Counter 2
23. Standing Counter 3

Disc 2

Part 1
1. Tornado Introduction
2. Tornado Details 1
3. Tornado Details 2
4. Basic Tornado Guard Sweep
5. Tornado to Triangle 1
6. Tornado to Triangle 2
7. Tornado to Back
8. Tornado to Omoplata
9. Block Counter Sweep
10. Grip Switch Sweep
11. Half-Guard Armbar 1
12. Half-Guard Armbar 2
13. Half-Guard to Triangle
14. Pin Escape Sweep 1
15. Pin Escape Sweep 2
16. Pin Escape Sweep 3
17. Pin Escape to Tornado
18. Pin Escape Lapel Sweep

Part 2
1. Half Guard Theory
2. Dental Cloth Position
3. Dental Cloth Sweep 1
4. Dental Cloth to Back
5. Wizard Counter Sweep
6. Pass Counter Sweep 1
7. Pass Counter Sweep 2
8. Pass Counter Sweep 3
9. Pass Counter Takedown
10. Pendulum Sweep
11. Deep Half Theory
12. Deep Half Sweep 1
13. Deep Half Sweep 2
14. Deep Half Sweep 3
15. Deep Half Sweep 4
16. Deep Half Sweep 5
17. Deep Half to Back
18. Deep Half Lapel Sweep
19. Half Guard Drills



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