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Rubens Charles Cobrinha BJJ Set Instructional Review

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What to say about Rubens Charles? Well, he is on our “Top 10 Best BJJ Fighters of all Time” list, but don’t take our word for it. “Cobrinha” has been at the top of the Jiu Jitsu’s featherweight division for the past 6 or 7 years, one of the most technical divisions in grappling today, with 5 World Titles to his name. Sometimes, that isn’t enough; good competitors don’t always translate into good instructors, luckily that isn’t the case.

The Highs

This is not just another instructional, Rubens Charles really shows some of the trademark positions that we love to watch so much. He adds to every basic move a little of the flair he is known for which on many occasions translates into a clairvoyance that only a natural born talent could find. There is also good news to those who believe the agile game of Rubens will not bring anything of value to their heavier set of tools. The closed guard section of the DVD is perfect for any fighter of any size. In fact, the Overhooks section of the closed guard should be essential to anyone that likes playing closed guard, excellent material. The extras are pretty good also, and the fight with Bruno Frazatto is one of the best World Championships Finals of all time with a very dramatic ending (I won’t spoil the surprise).

The Lows

The 3rd Section of the DVD set is in fact high level Jiu Jitsu, and not everyone will be able to absorb those positions, this is “Cobrinha” showing what he really enjoys doing, his awareness is on another level and if you are a beginner or intermediate and/or you do not like to play guard, this is not for you, plain and simple.

The Veredict

This is a very good find for all of you out that like to play a good mobile guard, plenty of transitions and variations from some standardized positions such as the De La Riva and the Closed Guard. Cobrinha’s innovation from the De La Riva is pretty impressive, though (like stated in the “lows” paragraph) not for everybody. His lapel grip variations are a definite plus and going back to the De La Riva, some great principles on how to break a big man with a good posture from the smaller man’s stand point. A good buy!

The Rubens Charles Instructional DVD Includes:

Jump Guard to Back Take
Jump Guard to Armbar
Jump Guard to Sweep
Omoplata Sweep to Armbar Variation
Overhook to Straight Armlock
Overhook to Omoplata
Overhook to Triangle
Inside Overhook to the Back
Inside Overhook to Armbar
Taking the back off Armbar Defence
Flower Sweep
Armbar off Flower Sweep Defence
Nearside Armbar Variation
Sweep to Omoplata
Brabo Armbar
Brabo Straight Armbar from Armbar Defence
Brabo Triangle
Tereré Sweep From Belt Grip
Tereré Sweep to Armlock
X Guard to Single Leg
X Guard to Tomoe Nage
X Guard to the Back
X Guard to Tripod Sweep
Underhook Sweep to the back
Lapel Grip Variation
Lapel Grip to Helicopter Sweep
Underhook Sweep to the Back
Double Underhooks to Straight Armbar
Straight Armlock to Americana Variation
Double Underhooks to the Back
Double Underhooks to the Back Variation
Omoplata Against Hip Pressure
Inverted Defence Against Jacaré Pass
Triangle Against Underhook Pass
Half Guard Defence to Straight Armbar Omoplata
Overhook to Triangle Variation
Hook Sweep Against Same Side Guard Pass
Kimura Reversal off Sweep Defence
Lapel Feed to Helicopter Sweep Variation
Reverse Halfguard Hook Sweep
Reverse Halfguard to the Back
Spinning Brabo Choke
Brabo Escapade to Guard Recovery
Half Guard to Deep Half Guard Drill
Knee Push Sweep
Open Half Guard to Single Leg Sweep
Douple Lapel Deep Sweep
Douple Lapel Back Transition
Reverse Half Guard to the Back

Cobrinha vs Renan Borges (Nogi)
Cobrinha vs Magno Gama (Nogi)
Cobrinha vs Shane Rice (Nogi)

Disc 2

Spider Control Drill
Spider Armbar Drill
Spider Omoplata Drill
Spider Triangle Drill
Spinning Fundamentals Drill
Inverted Guard Recovery
Spin out the Back Door
Helicopter to the Back
Helicopter to Spinning Guard Recovery
Spider Sweep to Armdrag
Spinning De La Riva/Spider Guard Sweep
Standing Spider Sweep
Standing Spider Sweep Tomoe Nage
Leg Lasso Spinning Sweep
Spinning Sweep to Omoplata
Leg Lasso Tomoe Nage
Loose Hips Drill
Loose Hips to Spider Guard Recovery
Shoulder Shimmy and Spider Guard Recovery
Pummel to Straight Armbar
Pummel to Omoplata
Heel in Collar to Triangle
Heel in Collar to Omoplata
Heel in Collar to Spider Guard Recovery
Pass Defence to Guard Recovery
Opening the Elbow to Guard Recovery
Opening the Elbow to Triangle
Spinning Armbar Variation
Armless Sweep to Crucifix
Armless Sweep to Reverse Omoplata
Armless Sweep to Triangle
Inside Out Shoulder Lock
Inside Out Shoulder to the Back
André Galvao Back Transition

Cobrinha vs Mario Reis
Cobrinha vs Pete Han
Cobrinha vs Wilson Reis
Cobrinha vs Kazumasa Sekiguchi
Cobrinha vs Rodrigo Ranieri

Disc 3

Deep De La Riva Roll Over Sweep
De La Riva Tomoe Nage
Tomoe Nage to Omoplata
Reverse De La Riva Knee Push Sweep
De La Riva Leg Lasso Sweep
Transitioning Into Inverted De La Riva Guard
Kneebar Sweep
Single Leg Variation
Backdoor Single Leg Takedown
Lapelaplata Sweep
Lapelaplata Kneebar Sweep
Hands Free Omoplata Drill
Kneeling Spider Omoplata Drill
Leg Lasso to Omoplata
Leg Lasso to Rolling Omoplata
Armpit Hook Omoplata
Armpit Hook Manoplata
Rolling Omoplata to Manoplata
Finishing Rolling Omoplata to Manoplata
Finishing Rolling Omoplata to the Back

Cobrinha vs Naoya Uematsu
Cobrinha vs Theodoro Canal
Cobrinha vs Jose Augusto
Cobrinha vs Scott Dewitt
Cobrinha vs Bruno Frazatto

You can order Cobrinha’s DVD set by clicking on this link.


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