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Unbiased reviews of some of the most important Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD’s in the market, with insightful information to all those that are planning ahead on their next BJJ DVD sale.

Ryan Hall is a remarkable BJJ practitioner with a list of achievements longer then his legs. The lanky BJJ’er owns one of the most …

The world nogi champion of 2010 opens his book of techniques and shows the world some of the stuff he has been preaching in the grappling world for years, his Tornado Guard. The result is a successful BJJ instructional with some very unique positions from one of the best in the world

The 5x World Champion opens up the doors of his dojo through this DVD set to show the techniques that made him one of the most successful BJJ fighters in history and we had a good look at what he had to show, and this is what we have to say.