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Only videos the best Fights in MMA, true grappling battles in the Octagoan and in the Rings around the world, with the likes of all time great fighters like Sakuraba, Royce Gracie, Minotauro and many other all time greats

Clay Guida vs Shannon Gugerty Fight Video

two ground specialists at work, the relentless Clay “The Carpenter” Guida vs City Boxing Academy prospect, Shannon Gugerty. The class occurred in the UFC

Eddie Alvarez vs Joachim Hansen

A runner up for “Best Fight of the Year” in 2008, awesome through and through, with an excellent stand-up exchange in R1 and a ground war on the 2nd

Luis Firmino vs Francisco Drinaldo

The Pride Veteran Firmino vs a newcomer Drinaldo looked like an easy fight on paper for ATT competitor, was one of the most exciting fights on the card

Joachim “Hellboy” hansen vs Yves Edwards

In this fight, the two standup specialists decide to test their ground skills. Expect scrambles, guard passes submission attempts and a few slams.

Ronaldo Jacare Souza vs Jason Mayhem Miller

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs Jason “Mayhem” Miller In a fantastic grappling display from both fighters, “Mayhem” Miller might as well change his name to …

Daisuke Nakamura vs Hideo Tokoro

The two famous Japanese fighters opened up their submission portfolio and put on a show for the spectators.

Chris Brennan vs Vitor Ribeiro MMA Fight Video

A fast paced fight between two of the most entertaining lightweights in the world. The fight occured in 2006 at the “GFC – Team Gracie vs Team Hammer House” event.

Jamil Silveira vs Ivan Iberico

A great fight between the Peruvian Ivan Iberico and the Brazilian Jamil Silveira, the two grapplers waste no time introducing themselves

Ricardo Arona vs Murilo Ninja Rua Great MMA Fight

one of the best fights ever, showcased in the MMA promotion, Pride FC. This amazing grappling war between the two brazilians is a treat to watch.

Shaolin Ribeiro vs Nakamura Fight

Two wizards on the ground, The Brazilian “Shaolin” a former 3 time world Jiu Jitsu Champion against a very durable and more Cage experienced Nakamura. The fight turned out, as expected in a fantastic exchange of positioning and submissions.

Heath Herring Vs Rodrigo Nogueira “Minotauro” 2001 Video

A master class of Jiu Jitsu. Minotauro Nogueira, clashes against the “Texas Crazy Horse“ Heath Herring. One of the Best MMA Fights ever recorded.

Carlos Newton vs Pele Landi

The striker versus the grappler was what everybody was expecting in this fight. Fortunately for the Grappling arts fans, the famous striker Pele came …

Miltinho Vieira v Jean Silva MMA Fight

The crafty Milton Vieira with a Luta Livre Backgroundwith very slick submissions and Jean Silva, a Black Belt in BJJ

Nakamura vs Cristea Fight Video

The veteran Daisuke Nakamura against the less experienced Dutch fighter Cristea, in what was one of the best MMA fights ever!

Sakuraba vs Newton Fight Video

The Gracie Hunter – Sakuraba against The Ronin – Newton. Two of the of sport’s pioneers and two true grappling legends fighting in MMA, the result would have to be spectatular