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A set of exclusive BJJ related interviews to some of the top figures of Jiu Jitsu. With relevant information for the fans of the sport.

The business of Brazilian jiu jitsu is on the rise, and in that sense Gracie Barra seems to be leading the way, being the …

The story of Yusuf Mohammed could have been like that of any other jiu jitsu practitioner. Born in North London “Mo” – as he …

Hywel Teague is one of the most prominent journalists in jiu-jitsu, first via his work with BJJ Hacks and later with FloGrappling. There are …

Interview with featherweight prospect Joao Bisnaga, one of the most talented competitors in the coloured belt divisions of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Find about Bisnaga’s path in the sport, his conquests and the struggles of a super talented 3x IBJJF world champion in the sport of BJJ.

This weekend (August 12, 2017) Copa Pódio’s Middleweight Grand Prix will host not one, but three of the most anticipated black belt debuts of …

Interview with Bibiano Fernandes, a legendary BJJ World Champion and a star in the MMA promotion ONE Fc, regarding jiu jitsu today, his ideas on the future of his MMA career and the prospect of his return to grappling.

Interview with jiu jitsu tournament promoter and founder of Grappling Industries, David Aguzzi regarding the history of his project and the long term goals set for this fast growing BJJ competition circuit.

Tim Spriggs heartfelt interview to BJJ Heroes, where he goes through the subject of dealing with the pressures of our sport and why he decided to distance himself from competitive Jiu-Jitsu.

Igor Silva and Ricardo Evangelista are two of the most experienced and accomplished jiu jitsu black belts in the world, having competed all around the globe in a number of grappling rules. They have recently stopped competing in UAEJJF’s events as a protest to the bad refereeing (biased in their view) that has been taking place, BJJ Heroes interrogates the two on the subject.

BJJ Heroes got together with ADCC US Trials champion James Brasco to discuss his past few years, his reassurance in jiu jitsu’s no-gi scene and his plans for the future.

Interview with GracieMag editor and Gallerr founder Luca Atalla, one of the pioneering journalists in the sport of jiu jitsu and a great propeller for the sport’s industry, through his high level content and idea development.

Gareth Dummer is one of the main figures behind Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational, one of the biggest grappling events in the world. In this article we go through Gareth’s path in the sport, how he started the event and the future of Polaris.

Tommy Langaker is one of the hottest prospects in European jiu jitsu today, having many important medals in his cupboard and submission wins over …

Matthew Benyon is one of the main figures behind Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational, one of the biggest grappling events in the world. In this article we go through Benyon’s path in the sport, his ideas on professional jiu jitsu and the future of Polaris.

Much has been written about the effectiveness of BJJ as a self-defense art. The core of the discussion suggests that jiu jitsu’s evolution as …

Interview with Renato Forasieppi Canuto, 2016’s lightweight world champion and one of the (if not the) most exciting brown belt in the world today. On this article we discuss sponsorship, his new life in the USA, his lineage and his approach to jiu jitsu.

Interview with Marcel Goncalves about his lattest project: Grappling Pro Championship. A new jiu jitsu event that will host one of the most anticipated pro tournaments in the sport this year.

Interview with jiu jitsu world champion Lucas Lepri regarding his move to Charlotte North Carolina, the current state of the sport and his grappling legacy.

We got to chat with Kimura’s front man, Jean Kleber regarding his plans for the new Kimura Academy in Boca Raton, the latest gym developed by the famous Jiu Jitsu instructor. Jean formed one of the strongest teams in Boston and is now set to expand to Florida, find out why.

After his valiant performance at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, we got together with the current Brazilian National lightweight champion, Luan Carvalho and spoke about his future plans, the controversy against Lucas Lepri and his middleweight title plans.