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Brazilian jiu jitsu related news and current events are published on this section of the website, from the latest results of grappling’s most established tournaments, to news about the important figures who develop this sport/martial art and other interesting topics.

Results for London’s biggest jiu jitsu showdown, the IBJJF London Fall Open. One of the biggest tournaments in Europe which traditionally brings out some of the sport’s top athletes.

Full card of one of the top tournaments in jiu jitsu’s submission only calendar, the 13th edition Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) who will feature a 155 lbs – lightweight tournament.

Full match results for Day 2 of the world famous ADCC, the equivalent of the World Championship of No-Gi grappling (submission wrestling). The tournament once again saw plenty of upsets and a wide range of incredible matches.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 Espoo – Finland. The first day of the biggest no-gi jiu jitsu (submission wrestling) tournament in the world, the ADCC which …

A run down through this year’s ADCC 88 kilogram division, mentioned by many as the Death Group. The history of the division, the current title contenders and other related data and other relevant information.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017  One of the biggest Brazilian jiu jitsu hubs in the world, San Diego just witnessed the latest enterprise by the International …

A run down through 5 up and coming grapplers who will be challenging for the ADCC title this month in Finland – at the even’t finals. The Dark Horses are traditionally competitors who unexpectedly succeed in sporting endeavours and these are our picks.

The Spyder Jiu Jitsu Championship will take place on October 2017 featuring some of the best lightweight competitors on the planet. The event will also be holding an anticipated no-gi match-up between Korean MMA superstar ‘Stun-gun’ Kim and Keenan Cornelius.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 as per usual the ACB JJ (Absolute Championship Berkut) delivered a quality event on all accounts. With a high end production and …

FULL EVENT Live stream, ACB Jiu Jitsu is one of the top events of the year, the no-gi tournament will feature the top 75 and 85kg athletes in the world.

One of the best professional jiu jitsu events, the ACBJJ – also known as Berkut Grand Prix is back in the limelight of the sport with the first no-gi tournament style event which will decide the champions at 75 and 85 kilograms.

A look into one of the rising stars in Brazilian grappling, a judo and jiu jitsu professional athlete competing at the highest level in both sports.

AUGUST 26, 2017 and another epic night of jiu jitsu action between 8 of the best heavyweights this sport/martial art has ever seen. A …

Fully comprehensible list of all the athletes qualified (and invited) to the most famous grappling event in the world, the ADCC – sometimes nicknamed the “Olympic Games of Jiu Jitsu”. Get to know each athlete through a short bio, or follow the links to their full details pages.

Full match results from one of the best submission only shows in the world. The match had in its main event one of the most anticipated matches in our sport.

AUGUST 12, 2017 – Manaus has just witnessed the crowning of Copa Pódio’s brand new middleweight king. The challenge set forth by the famous …

One of the leading figures of the Checkmat team – co-founder Chico Mendes is the latest addition to the USA’s list of high level jiu jitsu instructors, moving from England where he’s spent the past 7 years.

One of the most heated and debated rivalries the jiu jitsu community has seen in recent times is about to get settled, and fans …

Copa Pódio was one of the pioneering professional jiu jitsu promotions to emerge, one that raised the profile of grapplers such as Leandro Lo, …

Sao Paulo is the remaining beacon of jiu jitsu in Brazil today. Fighting the lack of a financial investment as the one seen in California or NYC, SP stubbornly continues to be the biggest productor of high end talent. This list shows you the latest from Brazil.