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If there is a weight division you like to watch more then another, or if you want to know the who-is-who of your favourite weight class, here you can drill down your search to only your desired class. This is a new feature recently added to the BJJ Heroes website that hopefully will make the website an easier platform to use.

Please note that the weight classes at the moment only equate the men’s divisions.

Search Jiu Jitsu Fighter Personality by Weight Division

Search for the fighters in their respective weight divisions, meaning the weight classes in which they usually compete and in which they obtained their most important victories.

Galo (Rooster Weight): 57kg/126lbs

Pluma (Super Feather Weight): 64kg/141lbs

Pena (Feather Weight): 70kg/154lbs

Leve (Light Weight): 76kg/167lbs

Médio (Middle Weight): 82kg/181lbs

Meio Pesado (Medium Heavy Weight): 88kg/194lbs

Pesado (Heavy Weight): 94kg/207lbs

Super Pesado (Super Heavy Weight): 100kg/221lbs

Pesadíssimo (Ultra Heavyweight): 100kg plus/ Over 221lbs

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