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Jiu Jitsu Super Feather Weight Division

the Pluma weight division, also known as super featherweights is the second lightest of the weight classes in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having a limit of 64kg/141libs. Here you will find a list of men that have competed (and some who compete, still) in this exciting category of BJJ.

Wagner “Galeto” Campos

Wagner Campos also known as “Galeto” is a very accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Gile Ribeiro and a former medallist in important tournaments such as the World Cup (2008) and the South American Championship (2008). in 2006 Wagner premiered in mixed martial arts (MMA), following a successful career in this sport as well. In 2012 Wagner Campos was invited to become part of the cast of TUF Brazil (The Ultimate Fighter)

Rogerio Taborda

Rogerio is the head BJJ instructor for all of the Tatu BJJ academies throughout the east coast of the United States. He studied in Brazil under Prof. Paulo Guimaraes and Master Jorge Pereira.

Robson Moura

Robson Moura, also known as “Robinho”, is one of the greatest competitors in jiu jitsu’s super featherweight division, a weight class he dominated for years achieving 6 world titles in his career. After retiring (unofficially) from his competitive career, Robson Moura dedicated his full attention to his career as a grappling coach in the United States where he developed his own association RMNU (Robson Moura – Nova Uniao).