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BJJ Heroes is a website built for the Brazilian Jiu jitsu enthusiast by a BJJ fan, I started training around 2000 having received my black belt on February of 2011. After many years of selfishly reaping the wonderful benefits of BJJ I decided stop being lazy and give something meaningful back to a community that has given me so much through the years. All the fighters biographies here displayed have been compiled by years of information collected through old magazine articles, internet browsing, personal experiences and interviews between myself and the heroes here displayed. I wanted also to give a big shout out to Hillary Williams, Carlos Vieira, Tony Gurnick (Big T), Andre “Negao”, Gabriel Rainho, Carlos Lemos and Roberto Atalla for all the help they provided, putting themselves as a link between me and some of the fighters.

Ps. This website also has in place a helpful section of tips and guidelines that may (or may not) help the BJJ practitioner. These advices have been gathered throughout the years and have helped me, I hope they will help you guys as well. Note that the exercises here shown should be supervised by a trained professional as they may cause more harm than good otherwise.

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