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A set of exclusive BJJ related interviews to some of the top figures of Jiu Jitsu. With relevant information for the fans of the sport.

Joao Pedro ‘Bisnaga’, Parana’s Rising Star

Interview with featherweight prospect Joao Bisnaga, one of the most talented competitors in the coloured belt divisions of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Find about Bisnaga’s path in the sport, his conquests and the struggles of a super talented 3x IBJJF world champion in the sport of BJJ.

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Silva and Evangelista Protest Against Biassed Refereeing at UAEJJF

Igor Silva and Ricardo Evangelista are two of the most experienced and accomplished jiu jitsu black belts in the world, having competed all around the globe in a number of grappling rules. They have recently stopped competing in UAEJJF’s events as a protest to the bad refereeing (biased in their view) that has been taking place, BJJ Heroes interrogates the two on the subject.

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