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Gracie Fighter

One of the most famous teams with standouts such as Caio Terra and Samir Chantre, the Gracie Fighter family is currently one of the strongest teams in the black belt BJJ scene.

Samir Chantre

Samir Chantre is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Alan Moraes, though much of his training has been supervised also by world champion Caio Terra. Samir Chantre has an extensive competitive record in which he obtained medals at important tournaments such as the World Nogi Championships, the Brazilian Nationals and the European Open. Samir also has a brother, Dahas Neto, who is a BJJ black belt.

Kyra Gracie

One of the greatest ambassadors of Jiu Jitsu in Brazil and throughout the World, Kyra is an example of success in a sport ruled by men. She is also the first female BJJ black belt from the Gracie family to compete (and win) at the highest level.