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Tiago Alves: BJJ Training Tips 2

Tiago Alves: BJJ Training Tips 2

For those unfamiliar with Tiago Alves, he is a personal trainer with a degree in physical education. On top of his academic degrees, he also has a black belt under Marco Barbosa (one of the most prestigious coaches in Sao Paulo, Brazil) and numerous important titles such as Pan American Champion, Brazilian National and South […]

Tiago Alves: BJJ Training Tips

Tiago Alves: BJJ Training Tips

Tiago Alves is a professional athtlete with dozens of important medals and titles at a black belt level in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, both with and without the Gi. His list of achievements is as long as the Amazon River and includes titles such as the Pan American championship, the Brazilian National championship, the South American […]

Contato Constante - Core Muscle/Mobility Training

Contato Constante – Core Muscle/Mobility Training

Created with the intent of improving one’s Jiu Jitsu coordination while building up muscle and strenght in specific (and much needed) areas such as the core muscles, “Contato Constante” is a program developed by a Judo and Jiu Jitsu black belt by the name of Humberto Silveira from Bahia – Brazil. Humberto came up with […]

Taping Fingers in BJJ

The Science of Tapping your Fingers for Jiu Jitsu

If you train Jiu Jitsu regularly, the chances of you having problems with the joints in your fingers at any given point is almost 100% certain. Although it is wise to give the joint time to heal, some of us (the stubborn ones) rather insist on training, aggravating the problem. This is a simple yet […]

BJJ Nutrition

8 Nutrition Rules for BJJ

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, just like any other high intensity sport, nutrition is an important aspect of the game that many practitioners neglect.

BJJ Drill, The Flow

BJJ Flow Drill

In Grappling, Timing, reflexes, movement and agility are of the utmost importance, and this is exactly the objective of this exercise.

Shoulder Problems BJJ

Taping Shoulder After Injury

Being involved in a sport as demanding as BJJ you are often going to get in touch with the painful side an aching joint. Here is a way to solve your problem

Functional Strength Training for BJJ

Functional Workouts For Jiu Jitsu

This time we decided to go a step further into the realms of what professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters are working on nowadays, Functional gymnastics.

Pull Ups for BJJ

Functional Strength Exercises for BJJ

These exercises develop Forearm, deltoids, back muscles as well as the all important muscle coordination, specifically for Jiu Jitsu.

Neck Exercises for Grapplers

Neck Strength Exercises for Grapplers

This set of exercises, shown by UFC fighter Rolles Gracie will help all ranges of grapplers, from the intermediate to the experienced fighter

Wrestling Workout

Wrestling Workout

In many ways, BJJ & Wrestling workouts can work together. Here is a fine example of a hard wrestling workout that can benefit fighters from both fighting styles.