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Caio Terra, Najmi, Queixinho, Combs And More, F2W 146 Brings The Heat This Weekend

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This weekend, on July 10, 2020, Fight 2 Win will host their first event outside of Dallas, Texas, since the promotion’s return, post COVID19. Seth Daniels and his crew have relocated to Houston, also in Texas for their 146th show and have prepared another great night of grappling entertainment.

Although lacking the juggernaut star power of a Rafael Lovato Junior, Xande Ribeiro, or Lucas Hulk, as we had seen in F2W’s last few shows, this card will likely be deeper in the overall talent pool presented, when comparing to those events. From the Najmi vs Queixinho headliner to Combs vs Wiltse, this has some very interesting clashes on the horizon. More on that below.


Date: July 10, 2020

Starting Time: 5:30 pm

Watch At: FloGrappling


Main Event: 165lbs Black Belt Gi
Edwin Najmi vs Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

Queixinho returns to the F2W mats after his bout with Garry Tonon last month, making also a comeback to his roots, the gi against former IBJJF World Championship silver medal, Edwin Najmi.

Although entertaining, both athletes are counter grapplers who thrive from their opponent’s offense. Given that both work on the counter, it is hard to guess who has the edge here. Najmi is the faster of the two and will likely take the most risks in his search for the finish versus Queixinho’s more traditional methodology.

Co-main Event: 135lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Caio Terra vs Gabe Tuttle

We do not have too much information on Tuttle, we remember him losing to Diego Pato by advantages at the No-Gi World Championship as a purple belt where he showed great promise, yet, it is unlikely he will cause an upset against a multiple-time world champion such as Caio Terra.

In his favor, Gabe has his youth. He is also a black belt under Richie Martinez, so we can imagine he has him to have an offense driven game, Terra is always entertaining so a fun match is expected here.

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
John Combs vs Andrew Wiltse

And the Match Of The Night goes to… This is bout has fireworks written all over as both these gentlemen like to scramble and scrap.

Andrew is well known for his fantastic brown belt run when he won a world no-gi title with the IBJJF, this will be Wiltse’s second test at black belt after a submission win over Isiah Wright, and his toughest test to date. In many aspects, Andrew is similar to John in that they both like moving forward and both like to finish.

On the opposite side of the mat is Combs, one of the most dynamic athletes in the sport. Always fun to watch, Combs has excellent killer instinct a fantastic wrestling background and doesn’t know the word “stall”. Adding to that, he has recently become a student of the leg-lock game, something to look forward to also.

We expect nothing less than an exciting match here, with the victor being very much determined by whether Wiltse can handle and overcome Combs’ frenetic pace.

135lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Junny Ocasio vs Justin Ordinario

A fantastic match-up here between one of Murilo Santana’s prime students and IBJJF Masters World Champion Justin Ordinario. Justin has a big advantage in the experience, yet, the footlock game of Junny might be the ultimate equalizer here.

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Alan Sanchez vs Ralph Sebexen

Solid match up for Alan Sanchez, a well-respected member of the 10th Planet army who conquered a world no-gi title last year as a brown belt. Now a black belt, Sanchez has the tools to become a force in the division and Sebexen may be an excellent athlete to assess where he is at, at the moment.

We don’t have too much information on Ralph, we saw him compete against Manuel Ribamar last year at Fight 2 Win, which was not an easy match-up for the Texan. This bout with Sanchez could have a redeeming undertone for Sebexen, who will have another shot against a rising star of the sport.

153lbs Black Belt Gi
Silvio Duran vs Danilo Moreira

Both these guys are as high level as it comes. Duran is a true veteran with a wealth of experience at the highest level and a deadly straight ankle lock, while Danilo is coming up to his 1st black belt anniversary. After a tremendous colored belt campaign, Moreira has ran hot and cold in the professional division, with some high profile wins over Gabriel Marangoni and Alexandre Vieira – two big names of the featherweight division.

The veteran versus the young buck, we expect this to be a technical and tactical battle, Danilo with the bolos and Duran with the 50-50 mastery.


175lbs Black Belt Gi
Marcus Douthitt vs Christopher Hargett

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Carlos Souza vs Joel Adan

145lbs Black Belt Gi
Mark Farrell vs Javier Gomez

230lbs Black Belt Gi
Frisco Deleon vs Renato Tagliari

173lbs Black Belt Gi
Eric Board vs Stephen Hargett

185lbs Brown Belt Gi Title
Xavier Silva vs Clay Mayield

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Zack Edwards vs Leonardo Ferreira Jr

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
Zack Cothren vs Fernando Koupparis

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
David Weintraub vs Julian Godinez

120lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Lauren Sears vs Julia Balmante

165lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Caleb Isaacks vs Adolfo Suarez

195lbs Brown Belt Gi
Nicholas Spacek vs Italo Lima

185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Matt Cox vs Justin Renick

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi Title
Jaidyn Mueller vs Emily Fernandez

185lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Jorge Valladares vs Micah Valdez

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Adam Fujawa vs Joey Miranda

135lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Chase Sosa vs Matheus Azancot

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Alejandro Wajner vs Matt Kopra

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Kemoy Anderson vs Alex Asad

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
Felipe Ferreira vs Marcos Mendes

215lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jimi Newsome vs Ramiro Leon

155lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
Colt Lewis vs Freddy Marquez

125lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
Tiffany Butler vs Laci Douthitt

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
Jacob Bornemann vs Kory Ramos

145lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
Connor Ogle vs Marco Mendes

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