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GrappleFest News! British Based Grappling Promotion To Debut In Africa and Middle East

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One of Europe’s most well-known grappling promotions, GrappleFest continues growing and furthering its reach in the sport, proving the future is looking bright for submission wrestlers. After announcing its deal with FITE Tv late last year, the British-based company has released its latest news. GF joined forces with Scuffle TV – one of the biggest combat sports promotors in the African and Middle Eastern continents – in a commitment to support the growth of the sport in these two potential powerhouse hubs for submission wrestling.

GF will debut its brand during Scuffle Fight Week this September, in the stunning island nation of Mauritius with more shows planned for the future. This fight week will feature GrappleFest in the mix with other well-known MMA shows which include IMMAF and PFL MMA athletes.

In a recent chat with BJJ Heroes, GrappleFest frontman Chris Thompson said of the deal:

After months of negotiations, we can finally confirm we have partnered with Scuffle TV for an African fight extravaganza (SFW1) on the beautiful island of Mauritius on September 25th, 2022.

In Grapplefest’s constant commitment to finding the world’s best grappling athletes, we know too well the untapped talent available in Africa and the Middle East. We are looking forward to discovering some new stars on the scene.

Teaming up with Scuffle TV to find this talent is so exciting for us and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

With plans for shows in Mauritius, Zimbabwe, and Dubai in the next 6 months just to kick off the partnership, things have never looked brightest for GrappleFest. We will be giving opportunities for grapplers from both continents who will have a chance to compete against each other internationally and build a worldwide reputation for themselves.

The close-knit partnership between grappling and MMA promotions has existed in the past, a formula that reaped great benefits for both communities through fun events such as the famous Martial Arts Expo in the early 2000s, when the UFC and Grapple Quest joined forces. We hope the same levels of success are reached by GrappleFest and Scuffle TV.

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