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Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Kyle Boehm Full Card

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FloGrappling’s Who’s Number One event is set to return Friday (June 5) with a very solid card built on no-gi talent. The main event feature the much talked about clash between ADCC’s double gold champ Gordon Ryan and 10th Planet’s top prospect Kyle Boehm, but there are other very interesting names of our sport’s new generation on the card, such as the Ruotolo brothers, Renzo Gracie Academy’s Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten as well as top prospects Kody Steele, Elizabeth Clay, Andrew Tackett, and more.

WNO Jiu-Jitsu Full Card

Main Event: Heavy Weight Black Belt No-Gi
Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)

Set in a no time limit, submission-only ruleset, we will finally see if Boehm can stand against the sport’s most dominant player. Kyle will be a heavy underdog here, his guard retention will likely get tested often – a kink in this armor that has been exposed in the past, and so will his submission defense.
The 10P competitor does possess an outstanding killer instinct and if Ryan takes Boehm lightly, it may be his own submission defense that gets tested.

Co-Main Event: 170lbs No-Gi
Nicky Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs Tye Ruotolo (ATOS)

An interesting decision to place two brown belts as the co-headliners when there are plenty of other high-level black belts on the card, though completely understandable when assessing the clout these two young men already possess.

Ryan is older, stronger, and slightly more experienced with no-gi, yet the Ruotolo pace is a formidable weapon that could make a difference in this match. A slight edge to Nicky for his superb killer instinct and power advantage, although we would not be surprised if Tye pulled the upset.

160lbs No-Gi
Ethan Crelinsten (Renzo Gracie) vs Kade Ruotolo (ATOS)

Another thrilling brown belt match here between two of the best in modern-day jiu-jitsu. Ethan will have the upper hand in experience and strength, even though Kade is one of the most accomplished teenage athletes to ever grace the sport. We would be inclined to say the favoritism here leans towards the Canadian Crelinsten, whose been committing to the no-gi competition scene for longest, but Kade is an absolute killer, particularly from the Darce choke.

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Kody Steele (Brazilian Fight Factory) vs Alec Baulding (ABBJJ)

Steele had a fantastic career as a brown belt and is now testing the waters in the sport’s upper echelon. This will be the Texan’s 2nd match in the black belt division and one of his toughest tests to date. Alec Baulding is an ADCC veteran and trials winner who spent his past few years working on the development of BJJ in Scandinavia. He is very hard to score on, powerful, and should match Kody’s style well. Interesting match ahead with the victory likely falling on the man who can obtain the top position.

150lbs No-Gi
Elisabeth Clay (Ares) vs Chelsah Lyons (MGA)

Clay is one of the most talked-about brown belts in the world today, an athlete who first made waves back in 2017 by winning the ADCC trials at the age of 16 (!). She has since proven to everyone that she’s not a “one-hit wonder” by dominating her division in jiu-jitsu.

Clay will be facing an experienced black belt in Lyons, who has competed plenty over the past few years in every ruleset and uniform style. Although Cheseah may have a slight advantage in the experience department, Clay should be a strong favorite given her recent track record.


200lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Hunter Colvin (Triton) vs Andre Gomes Reis (Gracie Gym)

170lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Chris Orozco (Travis Moore BJJ) vs Diego Santana (Alliance)

190lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Camron Couch (Mohler MMA) vs Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ)

215lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Kyle Short (Flux MMA) vs Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia)

160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Stefanie Kopacz (Roberto Traven BJJ) vs Jordan Patrick (Triton)

190lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Austin Morris (Redline BJJ) vs Wally Thompson (Tac Team)

160lbs No-Gi
Diego Pichlingue (Kudos Jiu Jitsu) vs Andrew Tackett (Brazilian Fight Factory)

170lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Dillon Hinojosa (Genesis Jiu Jitsu) vs Anthony Robinson (Star BJJ)

125lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Jessie Crane (Ares) vs Jesse Stempe (Easton BJJ)

140lbs No-Gi
April Thompson (OMA) vs Nathalia Santoro (Renzo Gracie)

150lbs No-Gi
Hannah Sternblitz (Star BJJ) vs Emily Fernandez (Bastos BJJ)

5050 Guard Instructional by Lachlan Giles

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