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BJJ Heroes’ views and arguments on current matters regarding the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, tributes to some of the legends of our sport and other relevant grappling issues, from the latest grappling creation to have been developed to that great jiu jitsu hero who we would love to give honour.

The Dern Effect

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Mackenzie Dern is one of the best female grapplers in Brazilian jiu jitsu today, her impact in the sport over the past two years has passed by unnoticed, until now. With BJJ moving towards professionalization, Mackenzie and her star power can be a fantastic asset to promoters as explained on this article.

Jungle Warriors

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True BJJ legends, the Ribeiro brothers (Saulo and Alexandre) are among the best grapplers that have ever competed in a jiu jitsu arena. This is BJJ Heroes’ tribute to the two Manaus brothers, for their work towards a better jiu jitsu.

The Four Horsemen of Jiu Jitsu

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The landscape of Brazilian jiu jitsu is rapidly changing, and this year’s edition of the Pan American Championship was a great example of how the sport has evolved from being a Brazilian national martial art, to becoming today’s world wide phenomenon. On this article we go through a few the carees of the “non Brazilian” Pan American champions of 2015 and the re-precautions this will have on BJJ.