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Cia Paulista

The Cia Paulista is one of the main Jiu Jitsu teams in Sao Paulo. Since Cia Paulista’s birth it has outgrown its original city and it can now be found in the United States and Australia as well as Europe.

Dean Liebenberg

Dean Liebenberg, commonly known as “Cu Vermelho” is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Carlos “Portugues” Vieira, being regarded as one of the top representatives of the Cia Paulista academy in Australia. A former rugby player, Dean excelled in the sport of jiu jitsu, medalling in important international grappling events such as the Pan Pacific Championship, Pan American Championship, European Open and World Championship.

Eduardo Santoro “Portuguese”

Eduardo Santoro, also known as Eduardo “Português” (Portuguese), is one of the top medium heavyweight jiu jitsu competitors of his generation. A black belt under Max Trombini from Cia Paulista, Eduardo Santoro won some of the most important Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments in the world, such as the Brazilian National, the Pan American and the World Championships (on two separate organizations).

Paulo Gazze Jr

One of the most prestigious figures in the Cia Paulista academy, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Paulo Gazze Junior holds an extensive list of achievements in BJJ having defeated fighters such as Dean Lister (2x ADCC Champion), BJ Penn (World BJJ Champion/ UFC Champion), Fabio Leopoldo (World BJJ Champion) and in MMA where Gazze Junior has won against significant athletes such as Chris Leben (UFC fighter) and Dwayne Ortiz (Former Olympian for USA’ Wrestling team).

Alexandre “Baiano” Santos

Alexandre “Baiano” dos Santos is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under master Neury Gomes, he is also a Pan Pac’s medallist belonging to the famous Cia Paulista team. In 2010 he moved to Australia to help Carlos Vieira run Paulista’s ever growing franchise in the region.

Max Trombini

Milton Maximiliano Trombini is one of the leaders of Cia Paulista, a famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team from Sao Paulo. Max is also a famous Judoka with strong ties to the Brazilian National Judo Team, having been involved with other National teams like the German, English and Russian.