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Guthierry Barbosa Takes 4th Copa Podio GP Title!

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OCTOBER 17, 2021, BALNEÁRIO CAMBORIÚ, BRAZIL, was the perfect setting for the 8th edition of Copa Podio, one of the original professional jiu-jitsu promotions in our sport and one of the few still focussing on gi jiu-jitsu, an effort we strongly salute.

Once seen as the gold standard of pro-grappling, Copa Podio, sadly, no longer occupies that space in the industry. Nevertheless, it is still a fantastic platform for new talent to emerge from. A competitive, exciting show that thrives in putting together highly competitive cards.

Last night’s card was no different. Aside from bringing forth the current lightweight & middleweight Copa Podio champion, Guthierry Barbosa, and the promotion’s featherweight champ, Vinicius Pereira, it also added colored belt world champion – recently promoted to black belt – Lucas Protásio, Brazilian National champ Luciano Bernert, rising Double Five star Sergio Soares to mention a few.


Although with many big names of the Brazilian circuit, Guthierry was, without a doubt, the favorite to take the Copa Podio title, and take that title he did. In what most would call the hardest group of the tournament, Barbosa put on a real clinic, submitting 3 out of his 4 group matches. 3 wins and one draw against Checkmat’s rising talent, Lucas Protasio. A crushing performance.

In the semi-final and final matches, a more conservative Guthierry took over. The strategic Barbosa saw through the remainder of the tournament with a win by 2 points and a tough final against Atos’ Luciano Bernert won via advantage. Bernert, who was one of the breakthroughs of the event.


Praised by most as one of the top colored belts in the world back in 2019, the pandemic ended up slowing the “potiguar” prodigy’s global outreach over the most recent months. Now, as a black belt, Lucas’ first professional jiu-jitsu break was this Copa Podio event, and when it comes to entertainment, this young man delivered in spades.

Always pushing the pace, always looking for the finish, Protásio was pure offense and a joy to follow on the mats. His relentlessness put him through the group stage with 3 submissions, but his frantic style did appear to take its toll on the young talent as his work rate appeared to diminish, likely due to fatigue, in the semi-final and the 3rd place match. Nevertheless, a great performance.


Guthierry Barbosa drew with Lucas Protasio (2×2 pts)
Vinicius Pereira def. Michael Sheenan via 7×2 pts
– Lucas Protasio def. Michael Sheenan via Reverse triangle
Guthierry Barbosa def. Rafael Japa via Bow and arrow
Guthierry Barbosa def. Michael Sheenan via Baseball choke
Vinicius Pereira def. Rafael Japa via Ezekiel
Guthierry Barbosa def. Vinicius Pereira via Choke from back
– Lucas Protasio def. Rafael Japa via Kneebar
– Michael Sheenan def. Rafael Japa via Armbar
– Lucas Protasio def. Vinicius Pereira via Choke from back

– Sergio Soares drew with Felipe Santos (2×2 pts)
– Vinicius Chamburci def. Luciano Bernert via 2×0 pts
– Felipe Santos def. Luciano Bernert via 6×2 pts
– Sergio Soares def. Yago Espindola via advantages (0x0 pts)
– Luciano Bernert def. Sergio Soares via Choke
– Yago Espindola def. Vinicius Chamburci via advantages (0x0 pts)
– Luciano Bernert def. Yago Espindola via DQ
– Felipe Santos def. Vinicius Chamburci via Choke from back
– Felipe Santos def. Yago Espindola via 2×0 pts
– Injured Sergio Soares could not compete, Vinicius Chamburci won by W.O.

Guthierry Barbosa def. Felipe Santos via 2×0 pts
– Luciano Bernert def. Lucas Protassio via 6×4 pts

– Felipe Santos def. Lucas Protassio via 6×2 pts

Guthierry Barbosa def. Luciano Bernert via advantage (0x0 pts)

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