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Gianni Grippo

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Gianni Grippo is widely regarded as one of the leading figures of the ‘Berimbolo Generation‘ of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, having built that reputation in the lower belt divisions of the sport where he conquered 6 world titles (4 with the gi and 2 in no-gi). Grippo competed under Renzo Gracie‘s New York City academy up until the brown belt rank, switching to the neighboring Marcelo Garcia Academy (MGA-Alliance) who ultimately awarded Gianni his black belt in October 2013.

Gianni Grippo Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Gianni Paul Grippo

Nickname: N/A

Lineage: Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Fabio Gurgel > Marcelo Garcia > Gianni Grippo

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2018 / 2021)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pans Championship NOGI (2021 / 2018 / 2017)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pans Championship (2018 / 2015 / 2014)
  • 1st Place Kasai Pro 4 Grand Prix (2018)
  • 1st Place FIVE Super-League (2017)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro (2017 / 2015)
  • 2nd Place UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro (2018)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF European Open (2017)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF World Championship (2017)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF European Open (2019)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2015)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Pans Championship NOGI (2020)

Main Achievements (Colored Belts):

  • 1st Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2012 brown, 2011 purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI (2013 / 2012 brown)
  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship (2013 / 2012 brown, 2011 purple, 2009 blue)
  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2011 purple, 2007 blue)

Favorite Position/Technique: Berimbolo, Leg Drag Guardpass

Weight Division: Peso Pena (70kg/154lbs)

Team/Association: Alliance

Miyao Brothers Instructional

Gianni Grippo Biography

Gianni Grippo was born on March 21, 1992, growing up in the New York area. From a very young age, Grippo was signed on to numerous sports in a competitive environment – actions strongly influenced by his father, a former triathlete. Before discovering Jiu-Jitsu, Grippo was an accomplished junior swimmer with a great track record, making it to the Junior Olympics for his team three years in a row, he also made it to his team’s varsity roster in his freshman year of high school. But Grippo’s athletic prowess did not stop at ‘pure sports’, he also competed in boxing with several amateur bouts under his gloves.

Jiu-Jitsu appeared in Gianni’s life through his father, who first heard about Renzo Gracie‘s gym through a friend. The novelty factor of Jiu-Jitsu lit some fire under Gianni, who fell in love with grappling from his first class, a class led by Magno Gama of RGA.

The Grippo family was very supportive of Gianni’s Jiu-Jitsu activity and commuted daily to Manhattan so their son could have the best training possible in the area. Grappling remained as a secondary hobby (swimming being the first) until the family traveled to Brazil, for the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship of 2004. There, after watching Ronaldo Souza beat Roger Gracie in one of the most epic open weight finals of that year, Grippo decided he wanted to become a professional fighter and relinquished swimming.

With a very competitive personality, a hard-working mentality, and genetic sporting ability, Grippo quickly became a big name in the US national circuit at the lower belts, carrying the RGA flag high, winning almost every major competition in Jiu Jitsu’s calendar. But as Gianni advanced in the belt system, he started seeking more sport-specific training. training that (arguably) the Renzo Gracie Academy – an academy with a strong MMA/No Gi focus, could not provide. This ultimately led Grippo to move to the Alliance Academy of Marcelo Garcia. The spit at the time was taken very harshly by many in the Jiu-Jitsu community, especially those close to Renzo Gracie such as Rafael Correa and Garry Tonon who voiced their opinion. It was also mentioned that Gianni announced the switch via social media and no one at the gym knew of the decision, this happened during March 2012.

Controversy aside, Gianni’s choice to move to a more Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sporting-orientated academy raised his profile and the wins continued happening for Gianni who received his black belt on the 1st of October 2013. His victory at the Pan American Championship in 2014, only a few months after receiving the rank, cemented his name as one of the top competitors of his generation.

Gianni Grippo Grappling Record

229 WINS
    122 (53%)
    16 (7%)
    68 (30%)
    18 (8%)
    0 (0%)
    4 (2%)


Choke from back
Short choke
Bow and arrow
Inside heel hook
Cross choke
Toe hold
    23 (34%)
    16 (24%)
    7 (10%)
    20 (29%)
    1 (1%)
    1 (1%)


Choke from back
Arm in Ezekiel

Gianni Grippo Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
5249Rafael MendesRafael MendesLPts: 5x0European70KGSF2014
5494Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroLReferee DecisionWP Montreal70KGF2014
5504Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLPts: 0x0, AdvWP MontrealABSSF2014
5585M. AndreD---Copa Podio77KGGP2014
5592Gilbert BurnsGilbert BurnsLArmbarCopa Podio77KGGP2014
5599Fernando VieiraFernando VieiraD---Copa Podio77KGGP2014
5647Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroLAdvWorld Pro.70KGSF2014
5769Rafael MendesRafael MendesLChoke from backWorld Champ.70KG4F2014
5904Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoLReferee DecisionSF OpenABSSF2014
5971Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoLPts: 2x2, AdvNo Gi Pan Am.70KGSF2014
5993Jackson SousaJackson SousaLPts: 2x0No Gi Pan Am.ABSSF2014
6028Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoLReferee DecisionNoGi Worlds67KGSF2014
6076Augusto MendesAugusto MendesLReferee DecisionWorld ExpoABSSPF2014
6082Samir ChantreSamir ChantreLAdvLas Vegas Open70KGF2014
6110Joao MiyaoJoao MiyaoLPts: 6x4NYC Pro70KGF2014
6189Joao MiyaoJoao MiyaoLPenCopa Podio70KGSPF2014
6541Marcio AndreMarcio AndreLAdvEuropean70KGF2015
6731Magid HageLReferee DecisionSF OpenABSSF2015
7013Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoLAdvNY Spring Open70KGF2015
7288Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoLPts: 9x2Boston Spring Open70KGF2015
7964Rubens CharlesRubens CharlesLPts: 3x0ADCC66KG4F2015
8175Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoLReferee DecisionNoGi Pan Ams70KGF2015
8202Garry TononGarry TononLPts: 6x6, AdvNoGi Pan AmsABSSF2015
8408Augusto MendesAugusto MendesLPts: 2x0NoGi Worlds67KGSF2015
8531Kim TerraKim TerraLReferee DecisionIBJJF NY Pro70KGF2015
9409Bruno FrazattoBruno FrazattoD---Polaris 370KGSPF2016
9573Rafael MansurRafael MansurLPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Pro69KG8F2016
9937Hiago GeorgeHiago GeorgeLPts: 4x0World Champ.64KG4F2016
10905Marcio AndreMarcio AndreLPts: 2x2, AdvNoGi Worlds73KG4F2016
11129Joao MiyaoJoao MiyaoLPts: 2x0NY BJJ Pro70KGF2016
11561Rubens CharlesRubens CharlesLPts: 5x0European Open70KGF2017
12133Jamil Hill-TaylorJamil Hill-TaylorLReferee DecisionPan American70KG8F2017
13099Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroLReferee DecisionWorld Champ.70KGSF2017
13546Keenan CorneliusKeenan CorneliusLArmbarBoston SM. OpenABSF2017
13979Horlando MonteiroHorlando MonteiroLReferee DecisionAtlanta SM OpenABSF2017
14028Josh BacallaoLPts: 0x0, AdvNo Gi Pan Am.ABS4F2017
14401Kevin MahechaKevin MahechaLPts: 6x6, AdvBJJ NY Pro70KG4F2017
14580Celso ViniciusCelso ViniciusD---Kasai Pro70KGRR2017
14584Edwin OcasioD---Kasai Pro70KGRR2017
14660Pablo MantovaniPablo MantovaniLPts: 2x0NoGi Worlds67KGSF2017
14908Marcio AndreMarcio AndreLPts: 4x2European Open70KGF2018
16027Celso ViniciusCelso ViniciusLPts: 0x0, AdvKing of Mats69KGRR2018
16047Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroLReferee DecisionKing of Mats69KGF2018
16134Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoLPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Pro69KGF2018
16214Rafael MansurRafael MansurLReferee DecisionBrasileiro70KGF2018
16477Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoLPts: 4x2World Champ.70KG4F2018
17227Jon CalestineJon CalestineLReferee DecisionKasai Pro 368KGSPF2018
18194Augusto MendesAugusto MendesD---Kasai Pro 465KGR32018
18419Ross NichollsRoss NichollsLReferee DecisionGrappleFest 380KGSPF2018
18892Levi JonesLevi JonesLPts: 4x2European Open76KGSF2019
20853Edwin NajmiEdwin NajmiLPointsThird Coast75KGSPF2019
21412Richar NogueiraRichar NogueiraLPts: 6x4Las Vegas Open70KGSF2019
21559Emilio HernandezEmilio HernandezLPts: 2x0No Gi Pan Am.67KGSF2019
21859Richard AlarconRichard AlarconLPts: 4x0ADCC66KGR12019
23066Gabriel SousaGabriel SousaLPts: 6x4European Open70KGR12020
23227Pablo LavaselliPablo LavaselliLReferee DecisionAtlanta WO76KGF2020
23241Max GimenisMax GimenisLArm in EzekielAtlanta WOABSF2020
23433Angelo ClaiborneAngelo ClaiborneLAdvMiami WOABS4F2020
23969Samuel NagaiSamuel NagaiLReferee DecisionF2W 15370KGSPF2020
24135Thiago MacedoThiago MacedoLPts: 4x0Pan American70KG4F2020
24446Gabriel SousaGabriel SousaLReferee DecisionNo Gi Pan Am.67KGSF2020
25180Richar NogueiraRichar NogueiraLPts: 2x0Dallas Open70KGF2021
25577Andy MurasakiAndy MurasakiLTriangleEUG 170KGSF2021
26246Kevin MahechaKevin MahechaLReferee DecisionMiami Open76KGSF2021
26254Thiago CintraLPointsMiami OpenABSSF2021
28688Diego OliveiraDiego OliveiraLReferee DecisionEUG NoGi70KGF2021
28790Keith KrikorianKeith KrikorianLRNCADCC EC Trials66KGSF2021
29073Stephen MartinezLPointsJJ CON NGABSF2021
29783Mauricio GomezLReferee DecisionF2W 19176KGSPF2022
30847Kieran KichukKieran KichukLEBI/OTEmerald City70KGSF2022
31478Josh CisnerosJosh CisnerosLKneebarADCC WC Trials66KGSF2022
35448Adam BenayounAdam BenayounLPts: 8x8, AdvNoGi Pan67KGSF2022
36455Yuta ShimadaYuta ShimadaLPts: 6x6, AdvN. Haven FO70KGF2022
36689Michael PerezMichael PerezLPts: 2x0NoGi WorldsABS8F2022
5248UnknownWChoke from backEuropean70KG4F2014
5340Zachary AdamsonWPointsPan American70KGR12014
5349Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 5x0Pan American70KG4F2014
5352Samir ChantreSamir ChantreWPts: 2x0Pan American70KGSF2014
5439Steven BarrettWCross chokeNY Summer Op.ABS4F2014
5441Eliot KellyEliot KellyWPts: 11x2NY Summer Op.ABSSF2014
5442Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWReferee DecisionNY Summer Op.ABSF2014
5444Steven BarnettWChoke from backNY Summer Op.76KGSF2014
5445Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWN/ANY Summer Op.76KGF2014
5447D. HemmingsWPts: 2x0FIVE70KGSPF2014
5508Tiago AlmeidaWN/ANY Spring OpenABSSF2014
5510AJ AgazarmAJ AgazarmWPts: 4x0NY Spring OpenABSF2014
5601Victor SilverioVictor SilverioD---Copa Podio77KGGP2014
5644Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWPts: 2x0World Pro.70KGR12014
5649S. FranceschiniWArmbarWorld Pro.70KG3PLC2014
5758S. FranceschiniWPointsWorld Champ.70KGRDS2014
5761Vugner SilvaWChoke from backWorld Champ.70KGRDS2014
5903Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWPts: 2x0SF Open70KGF2014
5987Garry TononGarry TononWPts: 6x4No Gi Pan Am.ABSR12014
5989Mauro SantiagoWPts: 0x0, AdvNo Gi Pan Am.ABS4F2014
6025Yukito iosadaWPts: 5x0NoGi Worlds67KG4F2014
6080Vitor PaschoalWPointsLas Vegas Open70KGSF2014
6084Nathan MendelsohnNathan MendelsohnWPointsLas Vegas OpenABSSF2014
6085Ranieri PaivaWN/ALas Vegas OpenABSF2014
6107Jonathan ThomasJonathan ThomasWReferee DecisionNYC Pro70KG4F2014
6108Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWReferee DecisionNYC Pro70KGSF2014
6538Guilherme NevesWBow and arrowEuropean70KG4F2015
6540Guilherme NevesWBow and arrowEuropean70KGSF2015
6730Darragh OConaillDarragh OConaillWPointsSF OpenABS4F2015
6734Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWPts: 6x4SF Open76KGF2015
6797Mayko BorgesWChoke from backPan American70KG4F2015
6800Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWPts: 6x4Pan American70KGF2015
7011Brian MahechaBrian MahechaWPointsNY Spring Open70KGSF2015
7095Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Pro65KGF2015
7428Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroWReferee DecisionWorld Champ.70Kg4F2015
7959Gabriel MarangoniGabriel MarangoniWPts: 2x0ADCC66KGR12015
8034Tom BarlowWInside heel hookPolaris 270KGSPF2015
8171Michael WackerWPts: 13x0NoGi Pan Ams70KG4F2015
8173Mayko AraujoMayko AraujoWChoke from backNoGi Pan Ams70KGSF2015
8200Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWReferee DecisionNoGi Pan AmsABS4F2015
8399Geoffrey VillarealWChoke from BackNoGi Worlds67KG8F2015
8404Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 15x10NoGi Worlds67KG4F2015
8530Paulo SilvaWN/AIBJJF NY Pro70KGSF2015
9467Darson HemmingsDarson HemmingsWPts: 4x4, AdvNY Spring Open76KGSF2016
9469Masahiro IwasakiMasahiro IwasakiWPts: 2x0NY Spring Open76KGF2016
9564Wanki ChaeWanki ChaeWPts: 4x4, AdvWorld Pro69KGR12016
9911Brian StuebnerWChoke from backRespect Pro65KGSF2016
9912Gabriel MartinsWChoke from backRespect Pro65KGF2016
9931Jordy PeuteWArmbarWorld Champ.64KGR22016
10503Felipe SimplicioWEzekielRollmore SPC70KGSPF2016
10656Vinicius SoaresWSubmissionNoGi Pan Ams73KGSF2016
10657Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWPts: 4x0NoGi Pan Ams73KGF2016
10897Marcus WilsonWRNCNoGi Worlds73KGR12016
11127Bruno FrazattoBruno FrazattoWPts: 4x2NY BJJ Pro70KGSF2016
11549Wanki ChaeWanki ChaeWPts: 5x2European Open70KG8F2017
11555Tiago BravoTiago BravoWPts: 4x2European Open70KG4F2017
11559Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 10x8European Open70KGSF2017
11777Samir ChantreSamir ChantreWReferee DecisionF2W 25N/ASPF2017
11930Gabriel GoulartGabriel GoulartWPointsUAEJJF NY Pro77KGR12017
11933Jomari GuarinWPointsUAEJJF NY Pro77KG4F2017
11935Alex OliveiraWPointsUAEJJF NY Pro77KGSF2017
11943Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWSubmissionUAEJJF NY ProU77KGSF2017
11944Francisco TavaresWSubmissionUAEJJF NY ProU77KGF2017
12375Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWReferee DecisionF2W 3070KGSPF2017
12409Juan GalarzaWN/ANY Spring No-Gi73KGRR2017
12410Joao AlvesWPts: 2x2, AdvNY Spring No-Gi73KGF2017
12415Nicolas PenzerWRNCNY Spring No-GiABSSF2017
12416Tex JohnsonTex JohnsonWPointsNY Spring No-GiABSF2017
12637Daisuke ShirakiWPts: 2x0World Pro69KG4F2017
12639Isaac DoederleinIsaac DoederleinWPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Pro69KGSF2017
12643Tiago BravoTiago BravoWPts: 8x0World Pro69KGF2017
13094Italo LinsItalo LinsWPts: 9x4World Champ.70KG8F2017
13097Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWPts: 6x6World Champ.70KG4F2017
13284Dustin AkbariWArmbarF2W 3875KGSPF2017
13444Wallace SantosWReferee DecisionFIVE Super League70KG4F2017
13447Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroWReferee DecisionFIVE Super League70KGSF2017
13450Jamil Hill-TaylorJamil Hill-TaylorWReferee DecisionFIVE Super League70KGF2017
13537Y. KakizawaWN/ABoston SM. Open76KGSF2017
13538Alexandre MolinaroAlexandre MolinaroWN/ABoston SM. Open76KGF2017
13545Alexandre OliveiraWN/ABoston SM. OpenABSSF2017
13706Athaide JuniorWN/AWashington Open76KGSF2017
13708Jamil Hill-TaylorJamil Hill-TaylorWPointsWashington Open76KGF2017
13763Thiago MacedoThiago MacedoWChoke from backSan Diego Pro70KGSF2017
13765Hiago GeorgeHiago GeorgeWPts: 2x0San Diego Pro70KGF2017
13964Silvio DuranSilvio DuranWChokeAtlanta SM Open70KGF2017
13978Breno BittencourtBreno BittencourtWPointsAtlanta SM OpenABSSF2017
14005Nicolas RenierWShort chokeNo Gi Pan Am.67KGSF2017
14007Jamil Hill-TaylorJamil Hill-TaylorWPts: 2x0No Gi Pan Am.67KGF2017
14186Justin RaderJustin RaderWReferee DecisionF2W 5170KGSPF2017
14575Enrico CoccoEnrico CoccoD---Kasai Pro70KGRR2017
14587Garry TononGarry TononWPts: 6x4Kasai Pro70KG3RD2017
14655Brandon WalenskyBrandon WalenskyWShort chokeNoGi Worlds67KGR12017
14659Thiago AugustoWShort chokeNoGi Worlds67KG4F2017
14900Sergio CalderonSergio CalderonWSubmissionEuropean Open70KGR12018
14903Brian MahechaBrian MahechaWChoke from backEuropean Open70KG4F2018
14907Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 7x6European Open70KGSF2018
15045Dainis HuWChoke from backAtlanta W. Open76KG4F2018
15049Kyle BriereWN/AAtlanta W. Open76KGSF2018
15050Gilson NunesGilson NunesWPts: 4x4, AdvAtlanta W. Open76KGF2018
15204Athos MirandaWN/AContinental Pro77KGRR2018
15206Alexandre MolinaroAlexandre MolinaroWChoke from backContinental Pro77KGRR2018
15379Joe ScovelWPts: 11x2Pan American70KG8F2018
15384AJ AgazarmAJ AgazarmWPts: 0x0, AdvPan American70KG4F2018
15387Osvaldo MoizinhoOsvaldo MoizinhoWPts: 2x2, AdvPan American70KGSF2018
15388Jamil Hill-TaylorJamil Hill-TaylorWPts: 2x2, AdvPan American70KGF2018
15587John LawrenceWChoke from backChicago Sp. Open76KG4F2018
15589Marcelo CostaWPointsChicago Sp. Open76KGSF2018
15591Alexandre MolinaroAlexandre MolinaroWPointsChicago Sp. Open76KGF2018
15772Cesar CardosoWPointsWashington SPO76KGSF2018
15773Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWPointsWashington SPO76KGF2018
15894Tiago RibeiroWN/ABoston Sp. Open70KGSF2018
15895Matheus GonzagaMatheus GonzagaWPointsBoston Sp. Open70KGF2018
15909Josh PresleyWN/ABoston Sp. OpenABS4F2018
15910Cesar CasamajoWN/ABoston Sp. OpenABSSF2018
15911Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWPointsBoston Sp. OpenABSF2018
16033Tiago BravoTiago BravoWPts: 2x0King of Mats69KGRR2018
16038Thiago BarretoThiago BarretoWPts: 0x0, AdvKing of Mats69KGRR2018
16043Wanki ChaeWanki ChaeWPts: 13x2King of Mats69KGRR2018
16046Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 8x6King of Mats69KGSF2018
16131Abdullah NabasWSubmissionWorld Pro69KG4F2018
16133Krzysztof FlakWSubmissionWorld Pro69KGSF2018
16207Richard DuarteWChoke from backBrasileiro70KGR12018
16209Raphael CadenaWBow and arrowBrasileiro70KG4F2018
16213Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPointsBrasileiro70KGSF2018
16470Silvio DuranSilvio DuranWPts: 9x0World Champ.70KGR22018
17048Pedro FernandesWN/ABoston SMO76KGSF2018
17049Felipe SimplicioWChoke from backBoston SMO76KGF2018
17055Rodolfo NevesWN/ABoston SMOABSSF2018
17057Diego SampaioWPts: 4x2Boston SMOABSF2018
17262Eric IngramWChoke from backLas Vegas Open76KG4F2018
17266Alexandre MolinaroAlexandre MolinaroWPts: 10x0Las Vegas Open76KGSF2018
17291Rafael DomngosWPointsLV NG Open73KG4F2018
17292Paulo SilvaWN/ALV NG Open73KGSF2018
17294Alexandre MolinaroAlexandre MolinaroWPointsLV NG Open73KGF2018
17373Diego BispoDiego BispoWChoke from backWashington SU.O.76KGF2018
17412Steven BarrereWPts: 22x0No Gi Pan Am.73KG8F2018
17414Jeff CummingsWReferee DecisionNo Gi Pan Am.73KG4F2018
17418Matheus GonzagaMatheus GonzagaWPts: 0x0, AdvNo Gi Pan Am.73KGSF2018
17420AJ AgazarmAJ AgazarmWPts: 9x0No Gi Pan Am.73KGF2018
17553Rafael MansurRafael MansurWReferee DecisionGrand Slam LA69KG4F2018
17557Thiago MacedoThiago MacedoWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam LA69KGSF2018
17558Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoWPts: 2x0Grand Slam LA69KGF2018
17850Kevin MahechaKevin MahechaWChoke from backMiami FO76KGSF2018
17852Brian MahechaBrian MahechaWToe holdMiami FO76KGF2018
18187Ethan CrelinstenEthan CrelinstenWPts: 9x2Kasai Pro 465KGR12018
18191Kim TerraKim TerraWPts: 8x0Kasai Pro 465KGR22018
18195Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoWPts: 3x2Kasai Pro 465KGF2018
18594Masahiro IwasakiMasahiro IwasakiWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi Worlds73KGR12018
18604Daniel SethWPts: 10x2NoGi Worlds73KG4F2018
18607Rodrigo FreitasRodrigo FreitasWPts: 11x0NoGi Worlds73KGSF2018
18608Marcio AndreMarcio AndreWRNCNoGi Worlds73KGF2018
18887Leon LarmanLeon LarmanWChokeEuropean Open76KGR22019
18891Lars FribergWPointsEuropean Open76KG4F2019
19244Enrique GalarzaWPts: 5x0US Continental77KGSF2019
19935Steven BarerreWN/ABoston Sp. Open76KGSF2019
19937Rodrigo AlonsoWChoke from backBoston Sp. Open76KGF2019
20586Felipe LinharesFelipe LinharesWPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Champ.70KGR22019
21411Emilio HernandezEmilio HernandezWPts: 8x2Las Vegas Open70KG4F2019
21451Russel WhiteWSubmissionLas Vegas NGO67KGSF2019
21453Emilio HernandezEmilio HernandezWRNCLas Vegas NGO67KGF2019
21557Richard AlvarezWKatagatameNo Gi Pan Am.67KG4F2019
23223Charles MurdockWN/AAtlanta WO76KG4F2020
23226Jeff CummingsWPointsAtlanta WO76KGSF2020
23235Angelo ClaiborneAngelo ClaiborneWPointsAtlanta WOABSR12020
23237Joseph WatsonWPointsAtlanta WOABS4F2020
23240Brian BeauryBrian BeauryWPointsAtlanta WOABSSF2020
23420Andre NagaishiWN/AMiami WO76KGSF2020
23421Francis QuinnWChoke from backMiami WO76KGF2020
24127Josh MurdockWChoke from backPan American70KG8F2020
24416Gabriel SilvaWPts: 13x0Atlanta Open70KGSF2020
24418Emilio HernandezEmilio HernandezWChoke from backAtlanta Open70KGF2020
24437Edward AllenWRNCNo Gi Pan Am.67KGR12020
24441Windson RamosWPts: 4x2No Gi Pan Am.67KG4F2020
25174Edmaicon SilvaWChoke from backDallas Open70KG4F2021
25179Brian MahechaBrian MahechaWPts: 8x6Dallas Open70KGSF2021
25213Alexander LeWArmbarDallas NGO73KG4F2021
25216Thiago AbudThiago AbudWPts: 8x2Dallas NGO73KGSF2021
25218Ali MonfaradiAli MonfaradiWPts: 4x2Dallas NGO73KGF2021
25392Daniel DinizDaniel DinizWReferee DecisionOrlando Open70KGSF2021
25394Danilo MoreiraDanilo MoreiraWReferee DecisionOrlando Open70KGF2021
25441Luan AndreiLuan AndreiWShort chokeOrlando NGO73KGSF2021
25443Mauricio BobadillaWPts: 12x0Orlando NGO73KGF2021
25576Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWPts: 4x2EUG 170KG4F2021
26093Thiago GaiaThiago GaiaWInjuryNoGi Pan Am.73KG8F2021
26098Andrew AlexanderWKatagatameNoGi Pan Am.73KG4F2021
26100Deandre CorbeDeandre CorbeWPts: 8x2NoGi Pan Am.73KGSF2021
26102Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWPts: 4x2NoGi Pan Am.73KGF2021
26243Mauricio GomezWPointsMiami Open76KG4F2021
26251Jorge EscuderoWPointsMiami OpenABS4F2021
26259Damion OrlandayWPts: 9x0Miami NGO73KG4F2021
26260Orlando CastilloWPts: 4x0Miami NGO73KGSF2021
26262Mauricio GomezWPts: 10x2Miami NGO73KGF2021
26268JZ CavalcanteWPts: 10x0Miami NGOABS4F2021
26270Jorge EscuderoWPts: 2x2, AdvMiami NGOABSSF2021
26271Diego RamalhoDiego RamalhoWReferee DecisionMiami NGOABSF2021
27185Ellis KaradagWInside heel hookEmerald City65KGR12021
27191Raul RosasWEBI/OTEmerald City65KG4F2021
27194Damien AndersonWEBI/OTEmerald City65KGSF2021
27195Kennedy MacielKennedy MacielWEBI/OTEmerald City65KGF2021
27484Samir ChantreSamir ChantreWReferee DecisionF2W 18270KGSPF2021
28233Josh MurdockWKatagatameNoGi Worlds73KG8F2021
28236Deandre CorbeDeandre CorbeWKatagatameNoGi Worlds73KG4F2021
28239Fabio CaloiFabio CaloiWPts: 2x0NoGi Worlds73KGSF2021
28241Lukete SilvaLukete SilvaWKatagatameNoGi Worlds73KGF2021
28682Damion AndersonWPts: 6x3EUG NoGi70KG4F2021
28687Liam HillWPts: 13x2EUG NoGi70KGSF2021
28741Ara MuradyanWPts: 8x0ADCC EC Trials66KGR12021
28752Anthony BirchakWShort chokeADCC EC Trials66KGR22021
28766John MarshWShort chokeADCC EC Trials66KGR32021
28779Isaac CordovaWPts: 6x0ADCC EC Trials66KGR42021
28787Elijah TagalogWPts: 3x0ADCC EC Trials66KG4F2021
28793Deandre CorbeDeandre CorbeWPts: 2x0ADCC EC Trials66KG3RD2021
29058Anthony YongWArmbarJJ CON NG73KG4F2021
29060Andrew AlexanderWPts: 15x4JJ CON NG73KGSF2021
29062Damion OrandayDamion OrandayWKatagatameJJ CON NG73KGF2021
29069Joao MarcoWPts: 4x2JJ CON NGABS4F2021
30844Jordan HolyWEBI/OTEmerald City70KG4F2022
31434Joey DiehlWRNCADCC WC Trials66KGR12022
31450Jason ArreolaWRNCADCC WC Trials66KGR22022
31463Dominic MejiaWReferee DecisionADCC WC Trials66KGR32022
31467Pedro SerranoPedro SerranoWKneebarADCC WC Trials66KG8F2022
31473Deandre CorbeDeandre CorbeWPts: 2x0ADCC WC Trials66KG4F2022
35440Giovanni MarceloWKatagatameNoGi Pan67KGR12022
35446Gustavo EstebamWPts: 15x7NoGi Pan67KG4F2022
36454Chris KriebelWN/AN. Haven FO70KGSF2022
36470Luan GomesWN/ANHaven FNGO67KGSF2022
36471Christopher KriebelWN/ANHaven FNGO67KGF2022
36682Jackson DouglasJackson DouglasWPts: 2x0NoGi WorldsABSR12022
36740Emilio HernandezEmilio HernandezWRNCNoGi Worlds67KG4F2022
36742Anthony OliveiraWKatagatameNoGi Worlds67KGSF2022
36744Gavin CorbeWPts: 8x6NoGi Worlds67KGF2022

Gianni Grippo v Vugner Silva

Gianni Grippo vs AJ Agazarm

Bernardo Faria BJJ Foundations

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