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2015 European BJJ Open Results

16.81K 1
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An amazing event to jump-start this year’s IBJJF calendar. Counting over 3400 athletes in the brackets, the 2015 edition of the Jiu Jitsu European Open Championship brought an avalanche of spectators to the Casal Vistoso (Lisbon) venue making it look jam packed.

There was a lot of momentum going for a few black belt newcomers who seemed willing to take on the veterans at one of jiu jitsu’s most prized tournaments, but as the adult divisions started shaping up, the 3 fighters who truly stood out were Andre Galvao (Atos), Igor Silva (GFT) and Tarcisio Jardim (Checkmat), all 3 seasoned competitors.

If Andre Galvao was already regarded as the favorite to win the competition in his weight division and the absolute, a few doubted the drive of Silva and Jardim. Boy were they wrong! The GFTeam and Checkmat power houses put on an incredible display of attacking jiu jitsu, always seeking the submission, showing why the big boys are more fun to watch in this sport.

In the women’s adult division, the spectators favorite was certainly MacKenzie Dern. The omoplata wizard put on a show in every fight, and although she took home “only” two silver medals, she has all the reason to be proud of her efforts. Against Michele Nicolini at her weight category final Dern fought a fast paced fight losing due to a questionable guard pass, which may (or may not) have been secured for less than the required 3 seconds. In the final of the absolute Dern fought the inevitable Gabi Garcia who looked gigantic in comparison, almost twice the size. Again Dern fought her heart out, almost choking Garcia with a back choke, lifting the crowd. Garcia eventually escaped the attack and placed an attack of her own, submitting Dern.

2015 European Jiu Jitsu Champions

Below are the champions of this years BJJ Euro Open (male division), for the full results of the men and women, please keep scrolling down.

Men’s Galo: Caio Terra
Men’s Pluma: Miyao Brothers
Men’s Pena: Márcio André
Men’s Leve: Michael Langhi
Men’s Médio: JT Torres
Men’s Meio Pesado: André Galvao
Men’s Pesado: Erberth Santos
Men’s Super Pesado: Lucio Lagarto
Men’s Pesadíssimo: Igor Silva
Men’s Absolute: André Galvao


BJJ European Results (Male)

Luis FinocchioTakahito YoshiokaChokeAbsoluteRd 1
Diego FerreiraJordi LloverasBow and arrowAbsoluteRd 1
Jose JuniorCaio Silva8x4AbsoluteRd 1
Howon JungSamuel Monin4x2AbsoluteRd 1
Nic RubenChoi Choi9x2AbsoluteRd 1
Christian RodriguesTyrone GonsalvesAdv.AbsoluteRd 1
Alexandre VieiraOkan Bulutn/aAbsoluteRd 1
Henrique LimaAlan OliveiraToe holdAbsoluteRd 1
Andre GalvaoGabriel RosbergChoke from backAbsoluteRd 2
Thomas JohannessenLuiz FinocchioChokeAbsoluteRd 2
Victor SilverioVinicius Nascimento6x0AbsoluteRd 2
Renato CardosoJose JuniorBotinhaAbsoluteRd 2
Charles NegromonteSebastian LecoqSubmissionAbsoluteRd 2
Tarcisio JardimHowon JungSubmissionAbsoluteRd 2
Pedro Souza MouraJarkko MakelaSubmissionAbsoluteRd 2
Lucio RodriguesNic NikolaisenSubmissionAbsoluteRd 2
Pedro PeresPaulo Oliveira7x2AbsoluteRd 2
Felipe BuenoChristian RodriguesChoke from backAbsoluteRd 2
Bruno CuppariTakashi Haguihara2x0AbsoluteRd 2
Igor SilvaAlexandre VieiraCross choke f/ mountAbsoluteRd 2
Maksymilian WisniewskiRaimo Posti27x0AbsoluteRd 2
Henrique LimaThiago SaSubmissionAbsoluteRd 2
Jurandir ConceiçãoTero Pyylampi2x0AbsoluteRd 2
Andre GalvaoThomas JohannessonArmbarAbsoluteRd 3
Erberth SantosVictor SilverioPts 0x0, Adv. 3x1AbsoluteRd 3
Renato CardosoCharles Negromonte2x0AbsoluteRd 3
Tarcisio JardimPedro MouraChokeAbsoluteRd 3
Lucio RodriguesPedro Peres2x0AbsoluteRd 3
Felipe BuenoBruno Cuppari7x0AbsoluteRd 3
Igor SilvaMaksymilian WisniewskiChokeAbsoluteRd 3
Jurandir ConceiçãoHenrique LimaArmbarAbsoluteRd 3
Andre GalvaoErberth SantosNorth south chokeAbsolute1/4 final
Tarcisio JardimRenato CardosoPts. 0x0, advAbsolute1/4 final
Lucio RodriguesFelipe Bueno2x2, adv.Absolute1/4 final
Igor SilvaJurandir ConceiçãoSubmissionAbsolute1/4 final
Andre GalvaoTarcisio JardimArmbarAbsoluteSemi f.
Igor SilvaLucio RodriguesChoke from backAbsoluteSemi f.
Andre GalvaoIgor SilvaInjuryAbsoluteFinal
Caio TerraMasaaki Todokoro10x4U57kg1/4 final
Andrea VerdemareGabriel RosbergPts 2x2, AdvU57kg1/4 final
Koji ShibamotoTakahito Yoshioka2x0U57kg1/4 final
Nicolas GaillardJoão Pedro Rodrigues2x2, Adv.U57kg1/4 final
Caio TerraAndrea VerdemareChoke from backU57kgSemi f.
Nicolas GaillardKoji ShibamotoTriangleU57kgSemi f.
Caio TerraNicolas GaillardChoke from backU57kgFinal
Simone FranceschiniJulian Gaillard6x2U64kgRd 1
Lucas DantasJordy PeuteChokeU64kgRd 1
Luis LopesHideyuki YamadaDecisionU64kgRd 1
Simone FranceschiniDai YoshiokaPts 0x0, Adv. 2x0U64kg1/4 final
Joao MiyaoLucas Dantas8x4U64kg1/4 final
Paulo MiyaoLuis LopesCalf slicerU64kg1/4 final
Thomas LisboaBaruc BarriosPts 6x6, Adv 2x0U64kg1/4 final
Joao MiyaoSimone FranceschiniBow and arrowU64kgSemi f.
Paulo MiyaoThomas Lisboa11x0U64kgSemi f.
Masahiro IwasakiTuomas Tammiletho8x0U70kgRd 1
Eric SatgeGabriel OliveiraChokeU70kgRd 1
Thiago BravoJonathan ThomasSubmissionU70kgRd 1
Kim TerraSergio Gonzalez5x2U70kgRd 1
Jedrzej LoskaGabriel FurleyChoke from backU70kgRd 1
Guilherme NevesRodrigo DiasPts 2x2, AdvU70kgRd 1
Marcio AndreMasahiro IwasakiDecisionU70kg1/4 final
Gabriel MarangoniJohnnathan ThomasFootlockU70kg1/4 final
Kim TerraJedrzej Loska9x4U70kg1/4 final
Gianni GrippoGuilherme NevesBow and arrowU70kg1/4 final
Marcio AndreGabriel Marangoni4x2U70kgSemi f.
Gianni GrippoGuilherme NevesBow and arrowU70kgSemi f.
Marcio AndreGianni GrippoAdvantagesU70kgFinal
Diego FerreiraCarlos Varona5x0U76kgRd 1
Thibaut OlivierUgo GaillardSubmissionU76kgRd 1
Alex CabanesDouglas BarcelosChoke from mountU76kgRd 1
Felipe Thiago SilvaLucas Ramos5x0U76kgRd 1
Arbi MuradovIlke BulutPenaltiesU76kgRd 1
Luiz FinocchioNeven BorcicAdvantagesU76kgRd 1
Choi ChoiFawel RicaurteArmbarU76kgRd 1
Zach AdamsonAleksandar Milicevic3x0U76kgRd 1
Thibaut OlivierDiogo FerreiraDecisionU76kgRd 2
Michael LanghiAlex Cabanes21x0U76kgRd 2
Bruno AmorimFelipe Thiago SilvaNorth south chokeU76kgRd 2
Sandro VieiraIlke Bulut2x0U76kgRd 2
Gabriel RolloSebastian CalloudSubmissionU76kgRd 2
Oliver GeddesLuiz FinocchiokimuraU76kgRd 2
AJ AgazarmChoi Choi14x0U76kgRd 2
Rafael PereiraZach AdamsonSubmissionU76kgRd 2
Michael LanghiThibaut Olivier12x0U76kg1/4 final
Sandro VieiraBruno AmorimPts 2x2, AdvU76kg1/4 final
Gabriel RolloOliver Geddes9x0U76kg1/4 final
Rafael PereiraAJ Agazarm4x2U76kg1/4 final
Michael LanghiSandro Vieira4x0U76kgSemi f.
Gabriel RolloRafael PereiraArmbarU76kgSemi f.
Michael LanghiGabriel RolloDecisionU76kgFinal
Mathias RibeiroAurelien PagnardToe holdU82kgRd 1
Eduardo RiosDarragh O'ConnailCross chokeU82kgRd 1
Caio SilvaLeonardo AguirreDecisionU82kgRd 1
Marcos TinocoAlexandre VieiraSubmissionU82kgRd 1
Ermis DimitropoulosSebastian LecoqSubmissionU82kgRd 1
Jaime CanutoJordi LloverasArmbarU82kgRd 1
Thomas OyarzunIgor DantasChokeU82kgRd 1
Victor SilverioYoungam Noh2x2, AdvU82kgRd 1
Nic NikolaisenJaouad Karbal4x2U82kgRd 1
Eduardo RiosMathias RibeiroBow and arrowU82kgRd 2
JT TorresCaio SilvaChoke from backU82kgRd 2
Marcos TinocoErmis DimitropoulosSubmissionU82kgRd 2
Victor SilverioThomas OyarzunAdvantagesU82kgRd 2
Davi RamosNic NikolaisenChokeU82kgRd 2
Luca AnacoretaVinicius NascimentoTriangleU82kgRd 2
Francisco IturraldePaulo Schauffler14x0U82kgRd 2
JT TorresEduardo Rios14x0U82kg1/4 final
Jaime CanutoMarcos TinocoDecisionU82kg1/4 final
Davi RamosVictor Silverio2x0U82kg1/4 final
Francisco IturraldeLuca AnacoretaChokeU82kg1/4 final
JT TorresJaime Canuto4x0U82kgSemi f.
Davi RamosFrancisco Iturralde2x0U82kgSemi f.
Samuel MoninRaimo PostiTriangleU88kgRd 1
Bruno CuppariRadoslaw TurekDecisionU88kgRd 1
Julien SilvaOkan Bulutn/aU88kgRd 1
Andre GalvaoSamuel MoninArmbarU88kgRd 2
Martin AedmaChristian RodriguesBow and arrowU88kgRd 2
Rodrigo FajardoBruno CuppariTriangleU88kgRd 2
Damir SalinaJarkko Makela6x2U88kgRd 2
Renato CardosoJulien CazierSubmissionU88kgRd 2
Thiago BragaGareth Neale5x2U88kgRd 2
Thiago SaJulien SilvaBow and arrowU88kgRd 2
Max CarvalhoTyrone GonsalvesPts 0x0, AdvU88kgRd 2
Andre GalvaoMartin AedmaChokeU88kg1/4 final
Rodrigo FajardoDamir SalinaSubmissionU88kg1/4 final
Renato CardosoThiago Braga4x2U88kg1/4 final
Max CarvalhoThiago SaTriangleU88kg1/4 final
Andre GalvaoRodrigo FajardoChokeU88kgSemi f.
Renato CardosoMax Carvalho7x0U88kgSemi f.
Andre GalvaoRenato Cardoso4x0U88kgFinal
Henrique LimaJurandir ConceiçãoDQU94kgRd 1
Rodrigo SilvaMaksymilian Wisniewski15x0U94kgRd 1
Howon JungFrederico Amiuna8x0U94kgRd 1
Erberth SantosHenrique LimaSubmissionU94kg1/4 final
Vitor ToledoJohannes WiethArmbarU94kg1/4 final
Tarcísio JardimRodrigo SilvaDecisionU94kg1/4 final
Antonio AntonioliHowon JungDecisionU94kg1/4 final
Erberth SantosVitor ToledoArmbarU94kgSemi f.
Tarcísio JardimAntonio AntonioliFootlockU94kgSemi f.
Karim KhalifaGilberto CerqueiraArmbarU100kg1/4 final
Lucio RodriguesThomas JohannessonSubmissionU100kg1/4 final
Felipe BuenoHelvecio Penna8x0U100kg1/4 final
Chris BoweFelipe BuenoAdvantagesU100kgSemi f.
Lucio RodriguesKarim KhalifaChoke from backU100kgSemi f.
Alan FerreiraThomas McMahon15x10O100kgRd 1
Igor SilvaAlan FerreiraChoke from mountO100kg1/4 final
Gabriel LucasTakashi HaguiharaArmbarO100kg1/4 final
Ricardo EvangelistaPedro MouraToe holdO100kg1/4 final
Jose JuniorLeo DavilaSubmissionO100kg1/4 final
Igor SilvaGabriel Lucas11x2O100kgSemi f.

BJJ European Results (Female)

Venla LuukonenSamela Leite14x2AbsoluteRd 1
Shanti AbelhaAna Carolina Schmitt0x0, advAbsoluteRd 1
Anna MayneAnne Toupet2x0AbsoluteRd 1
Dominyka ObelenyteAmanda Loewen13x0AbsoluteRd 2
Laurence FouillatMaria GonzalezWristlockAbsoluteRd 2
Shanti AbelhaVenla Luukonen2x0Absolute1/4 final
Gabi GarciaAnna Louise MayneArmbarAbsolute1/4 final
Dominyka ObelenyteJanni Larsson6x6, advAbsolute1/4 final
Mackenzie DernLaurence FouillatEzekielAbsolute1/4 final
Gabi GarciaShanti AbelhaChokeAbsoluteSemi f.
Mackenzie DernDominyka ObelenyteDecisionAbsoluteSemi f.
Gabi GarciaMackenzie DernClock chokeAbsoluteFinal
Ana Carolina SchmittChelsea Bainbridge-Donner5x0U58kg1/4 final
Michele NicoliniAna Carolina SchmittToe holdU58kgSemi f.
Mackenzie DernLaurence FouillatToe holdU58kgSemi f.
Michele NicoliniMackenzie Dern9x8U58kgFinal
Angelica GalvãoYasmine Wilson11x4U64kgSemi f.
Anna Louise MayneMaria Dolores AsensiArmbarU64kgSemi f.
Angelica GalvãoAnna Louise Mayne2x0U64kgFinal
Amanda LoewenShanti Abelha2x0U69kgSemi f.
Janni LarssonAnne Toupet5x0U69kgSemi f.
Janni LarssonAmanda Loewen4x0U69kgFinal
Andrea SouzaGretchen Zoeller2x0U74kgSemi f.
Ida Hanssonn/a12x0U74kgSemi f.
Ida HanssonAndrea SouzaAdvantagesU74kgFinal
Gabi GarciaSamuela LeiteArmbarO79kgSemi f.
Venla LuukkonenSamuela Leite20x0O79kgSemi f.
Gabi GarciaVenla LuukkonenAmericanaO79kgFinal


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