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Craig Jones’ Hair Raising Victory Settles “Leg Locks Don’t Work” Dispute at SUG 13

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Set in an unknown location was the 13th edition of Submission Underground event, the only jiu-jitsu show currently showcasing live grappling talent online, given the world-wide restrictions set forth to combat the COVID19 outbreak.

The event brought forward a handful of grappling household names, pairing some of those with well known MMA talent, creating a few interesting matches to follow, the most interesting of which was the highly anticipated bout between Vinny Magalhães and Craig Jones.

One of the only athletes to have defeated Gordon Ryan in competition, the former ADCC champion Vinny Magalhães had the curious token on his record of having never suffered defeat by way of a footlock (Jones’ specialty), an achievement in its own, given the quality of foot locking experts the Brazilian had challenged in the past. His low limb defense was indeed somewhat of a badge of honor conveyed by the former Gracie Humaita representative, currently representing the 10th Planet flag, which he carried under his famous slogan “Leg Locks Don’t Work”. Unfortunately for Mr. Magalhães, today that dogma was broken.

In a gruesome initial set up, Craig Jones went on a deep, deep, deep, inside heel-hook, which seemed to completely destroy the ligaments on Magalhaes’ knee. The Brazilian refused to tap, and escaped, only to find himself in trouble again, with the same set-up and the same severity of control by the Australian phenom. This second time, it was very audible that damage had been done to Vinny’s knee and in an act of chivalry, Jones offered to stop the match, letting go of the submission. Once again Magalhães refused to tap. The two exchanged some friendly words, where Vinny seemed to say “it is already f–ed, let’s keep going”.

Magalhães heroic attitude, however, would not see him through to the end of the fight. Out of danger, but in visible pain, Vinny requested the match to end with 5 minutes to go on the clock. An incredible level of pain threshold and bravery by the Brazilian, and a very clean victory for Jones who remains undefeated under the SUG platform.


Joe Baize def Nick Maximov via heel hook
– Don Stoner def. Alexander Larmey EBI OT fastest escape time
– Ethan Crelinsten def Andrew Alexander via EBI OT submission
– Gabriel Checco def Jake Ellenberger via triangle
– Austin Vanderford def. Richie Martinez via EBI OT submission
Craig Jones def. Vinny Magalhães via verbal tap

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