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World Expo + IBJJF Pro League 2014 Results

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After an amazing weekend of jiu jitsu where jiu jitsu displayed just how far it has come in the past decade, here are the full results from the two major BJJ competitions held on the 18th and 19th of october, 2014.

IBJJF Pro League 3 Results


WinnerLooserWinner PointsRoundsEvent
Osvaldo MoizinhoIvaniel OliveiraChoke from backSemi f.Pro League
Paulo MiyaoKoji Shibamoto14x2Semi f.Pro League
Osvaldo MoizinhoPaulo Miyao8x8FinalPro League
Vitor HenriqueClaudio CalasansAdvantagesSemi f.Pro League
F. IturraldeOtavio Sousa2x0Semi f.Pro League
Vitor HenriqueF. Iturralde4x2FinalPro League
Keenan CorneliusRoberto Alencar12x0Semi f.Pro League
Jackson SousaEduardo Telles2x2Semi f.Pro League
Keenan CorneliusJackson SousaRef. DecisionFinalPro League
Luiz PanzaR. EvangelistaArmbarSemi f.Pro League
Bernardo FariaGustavo PiresTriangleSemi f.Pro League
Bernardo FariaLuiz PanzaChoke from backFinalPro League

2014 World Jiu Jitsu Expo Results

Superfight Winners:

WinnerLooserMethodWeight DivisionRoundsOrder
Vitor ShaolinNino Schembri8x0n/aSuperfight
Robson MouraMarcos MattaClock choken/aSuperfight
Bruno FrazattoAJ AgazarmAdvantagesn/aSuperfight
Augusto MendesGianni GrippoRf. Decisionn/aSuperfight
Tim SpriggsLeonardo Nogueira10x0n/aSuperfight
Ricardo RezendeDanilo IndioArmbarn/aSuperfight
Alexandre PulgaZak Maxwell4x2n/aSuperfight
Garry Tonon Grappling Escapes

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