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F2W 137, Denver – Jimenez X Hulk Full Card

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Fight to Win is coming home! The event that spawned from Colorado a few years ago has rapidly and organically grown to an All American grappling phenomenon, with regular shows all across the North American Plains, will be showcasing their event in Denver, Colorado, this weekend with a mix of local talent and global jiu-jitsu stars.

One of the most interesting match-ups of the year is that of Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa and Roberto Jimenez. Barbosa is one of the scariest guard passers in the world today, and a real challenge to the teenage phenom that is Jimenez. Particularly from a style perspective.

The Hulk should have the advantage from standing, and both athletes shine brightest from a Guard Passing stance. Roberto, on the other hand, has the most submission oriented game of the two, and under these F2W rulesets, that is quite an advantage on its own.

Also on the card is a top-notch match-up between Márcio André and Michael Liera, as well as a fiery clash between two F2W veterans – Jake Watson and Rudson Mateus. More details inside.


National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80216

March 6, 2020 (Friday)

Doors Open At?

Fights Start At?


195lbs Black Belt (GI)
Roberto Jimenez (Alliance) vs Lucas Barbosa (Atos)

Jimenez was most impressive as a brown belt and expected to do very well in his black belt debut year, however, very few could have anticipated this wrecking ball of a start from the ecuadorian phenom. So far, in just a little over 1 month since his professional debut, Roberto has taken out the current European Open Weight champion (Fellipe Andrew), a Pan American champion (Yago Souza) and one of America’s grappling legends, Keenan Cornelius. This weekend he faces one of the most feared medium-heavyweights in the world today, The Hulk – Lucas Barbosa.

A true powerhouse, Barbosa has all the credentials to back up his favorite status here. Lucas has World, World No-Gi, Pan, European, American Nationals and Asian Open titles to his credit as well as a bronze medal in the ADCC. If Jimenez accomplishes the upset here, he will cement his claim as one of the challengers for the world title this year.


170lbs Back Belt Title (GI)
Marcio Andre (MABJJ) vs Michael Liera Jr (Logos)

Trying to change the Colorado grappling scene is Michael Liera Junior, who recently moved from the sunny beaches of San Diego to the scenic in-land state, where he opened a partnership with a fellow black belt YJ Lee (also in this card) – the Logos Academy (more details on that here).

A win over 3x European Open champion Márcio André would be an excellent introductory card for Liera’s new academy. A gym owner himself, Márcio is a very worthy opponent, and even though he recently joined the father’s club, Marcio has been active in the competitive scene, with a 5-5 record in his most recent outings.

Both athletes have a very modern style, with tons of flair, so expect to see a very technical battle here, with the edge going to Liera, who is 9-1 in his most recent battles. Michael has the momentum, hometown support and the size advantage, though do not expect André to go down easy.

195lbs Black Belt (GI)
Jake Watson (Maracaba BJJ) vs Rudson Mateus (CTA)

One of the bigger names in the new wave of American grapplers is Jake Watson, a submission oriented competitor who grapples in any ruleset, against anyone. Since reaching his black belt, the Maracaba representative has put himself through the gauntlet, fighting the upper echelon of his division, nonetheless, Mateus is likely the most dangerous submission artist Jake has faced to date.

Well known for his never-ending thirst for armbars, the Caio Terra Association athlete, Mateus, will be making his first appearance of 2020, a hiatus of nearly 5 months. On paper, Rudson will be coming in with as the clear favorite. He has never been submitted in his weight class, he has the most experience and the bigger competitive achievements. Nonetheless, Watson is no stranger to adversity and has a wider range of submissions in his vocabulary. If he stays away from Mateus’ strong game (closed guard) can the California native cause the upset? We will find out.

140lbs Black Belt (GI)
Nikki Sullivan (Atos) vs Erin Johnson (Iron Roots BJJ)

The inverted guard queen, Atos’ Nikki Sullivan is one of the most interesting grapplers to watch in the women’s division. We have yet to see what Erin Johnson has in her skillset, whatever that is, this match will likely provide great entertainment for the spectators.

195lbs Black Belt (GI)
Kevin Williams (American Elite) vs Jeff Ake (Easton BJJ)

160lbs Black Belt (NO-GI)
Noah Thomas (Mad House BJJ) vs Marcus Wilson (Wilson Brothers)

180lbs Black Belt (GI)
Jeremy Hastings (Kompound) vs Alex Le (Logos)

185lbs Black Belt (GI)
Steele Mccall (The Kompound) vs Evan Barrett (Fulcrum JJ)

140lbs Black Belt (GI)
Bret Hernandez (The Jiu-Jitsu Underground) vs YJ Lee (Logos)

160lbs Black Belt (GI)
Blake Dvorak (The Kompound) vs Lucas Araujo (Gracie Barra)

200lbs Brown Belt (NO-GI)
Thomas Stevenson (Durango Martial Arts) vs Bruce Bugbee (Easton BJJ)

180lbs Brown Belt (GI)
Chris Gabrielson (Combative Fighting Systems) vs Joe Fishburn (Easton BJJ)

220lbs Brown Belt (NO-GI)
Anthony Santiago (Chaotic Combat Sports) vs Matt Paul (10th Planet)

150lbs Brown Belt (GI)
Ricky Johnson (Catalyst BJJ) vs Casey Pratt (Logos)

155lbs Brown Belt (NO-GI)
Daymar Ortiz (Zingano BJJ) vs Robert Parish (Easton BJJ/ 10th Planet)

200lbs Brown Belt (GI)
Troy Everett (Nova Mente) vs Mike Costa (Gracie Barra)

165lbs Brown Belt (GI)
Eric Coe (Jubera Jiu-Jitsu) vs James Mikus (Way of Jiu Jitsu)

175lbs Brown Belt (GI)
Joshua Sauseda (Gracie Barra) vs Eddie Maestas (Easton BJJ0

145lbs Brown Belt (GI)
Trevor Polhamus (Catalyst BJJ) vs Tyler Hampton (Pangsuko)

190lbs Brown Belt(NO-GI)
Dan Becker (Gunnison Jiu Jitsu) vs Chris Messina (Easton BJJ)

150lbs Brown Belt (NO-GI)
Dan Dykeman (The Kompound) vs Tyler Spurlin (10th Planet)

195lbs Brown Belt (NO-GI)
Chris Diaz (GFT) vs Joey Mack (Easton BJJ)

155lbs Female Purple Belt (NO-GI) Title
Jaidyn Mueller (Katharo) vs Brooke Mayo (Team Alpha Male)

145lbs Purple Belt (GI)
James Borders (Dark Horse BJJ) vs Anthony Werner (The Farm)

185lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Cristian Reyes (The Academy of BJJ Arvada) vs Nick Gamez (Easton BJJ)

205lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Ryan Dittman (Dark Horse BJJ) vs Ryan Riebel (Gracie Barra)

145lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Brandon Ferguson (Katharo) vs Daniel Gonzales (303 Training Center)

165lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Gordo Pinon (Renegade MMA) vs Drew Nickerson (Easton BJJ)

185lbs Purple Belt (NO-GI)
Tyrell Anderson (Prime BJJ) vs Josiah Thiemann (Academy Of Grind)

120lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Tayler Wiedeman (Catalyst BJJ) vs Ana Mayordomo Garcia (Easton BJJ)

Super Heavy Weight Purple Belt (NO-GI)
Walker Madden (CBJJ) vs George Ashauer (Blue Ringed Jiu-Jitsu)

130lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Benjamin Rhoton (Gracie Jiu Jitsu Aurora) vs Dale Bonnell (Gracie Barra)

160lbs Purple Belt (NO-GI)
Josh Taylor (Colorado BJJ Stapleton) vs Clay Wimer (Easton BJJ)

150lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Michael Argeroplos (Steam Boat Springs BJJ) vs Dalton Grinstead (Easton BJJ)

150lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Nick Hall (Catalyst Ju Jitsu) vs Michael McCann (The Kompound)

185lbs Purple Belt (GI)
Aaron Holderman (Colorado BJJ Stapleton) vs Jamil Coleman (CSBJJ)

200lbs Blue Belt (NO-GI)
Dwight Killpack (Jit Pit) vs Grant Guidinger (Gracie Barra)

175lbs Blue Belt (NO-GI)
Joey Godinez (Katharo Jiu Jitsu) vs Alec Guevara (Easton BJJ)

200lbs Blue Belt (NO-GI)
Andrew Nott (Dark Horse BJJ) vs Preston James Charles-Merrill (WIlosn Brothers Grappling)

145lbs Blue Belt (NO-GI)
Kurt Koski (CSBJJ) vs Riley Golden (Easton BJJ)

145lbs Blue Belt (NO-GI)
Stephanie Taylor (Colorado BJJ Stapleton) vs Jade Hernandez (Easton BJJ)

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