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F2W 142 Results – Garcia, Dante, Marinho, Tackett and Nagai Rule A Stacked Event

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JUNE 01, 2020, this past weekend saw another exciting Fight 2 Win event. Dare we say, the most exciting card produced by the combat sports promotion since returning to activity, post covid19 breakout.

The card featured 6 IBJJF Word Championship black belt podium placers and 3 ADCC medalists, who went to battle in a fantastic super-fight event. Overall there were 16 adult matches (7 NOGI and 9 GI) with an exciting amount of submissions – 6 subs with the gi and 6 subs in the nogi format.

There were plenty of candidates to Match Of The Night last weekend, though we would make the case for that honor belonging to the frenetic pace set by Vinicius Garcia VS Henrique Nóbrega match. Nóbrega started on fire, placing the former Leandro Lo training partner in all sorts of trouble, attacking limbs and neck. Unfortunately for Henrique, Garcia proved to be extremely durable. Protecting himself during the early storm, Vinicius was able to impose his own pace during the second half of the match, wearing down his opponent and finally inching his way towards a beautiful submission.

Equally impressive were the two rising Checkmat super-stars William Tacket and Samuel Nagai, who once again provided non-stop action in their impressive wins over two strong opponents. An onslaught of grappling provided by these two young men.

Gracie Barra powerhouse brown belt Pedro Marinho physically and savagely dominated his own match from corner to corner, while battling Michael Salazar, even attempting a nogi mounted cross choke (?!) midway through his blitzkrieg assault. After a few katagatame choke attempts, Marinho ended the match with a novel maneuver, which appeared to be a “knuckles to the throat” from a gift warp while mounted.


Main Event
Female Heavy Weight Black Belt NOGI Title
Gabi Garcia def. Kendall Reusing via Americana lock

The battle between the current ADCC vs the current World NoGi champs ended up not being particularly exciting. 90% of the action was spent on the feet, with Garcia walking forward and Reusing walking back, unable to meet Gabrielle’s power in the center. No real takedown attempts, but after 8:30 mins of pushes and mat exits, Garcia was able to secure top position, finishing the match quickly with her trademarked Americana lock from top-half guard. A positive performance by the multiple-time world champion from Alliance over a very game athlete.

CO Main Event NOGI
Dante Leon def. Johnny Tama via triangle

This one had fireworks written all over it, and these two competitors did not disappoint our expectations. The match didn’t last that long, but it was excellent while it did, including in the outstanding triangle choke set up executed by Leon. Well worth a re-watch.

165lbs Black Belt Gi
Lucas Valente def. Matheus Gabriel via split decision

Matheus Gabriels move to lightweight to face the current World 76kilogram silver medal looked good on paper, though the overall spectacle suffered from the game planning involved in the match. Lucas’ adapted well to the different ruleset of the F2W platform, with the efficient strategy of playing exclusively from the bottom, with one tight attempt at an Estima lock. From then on the offensive reigns of the duel were handed to Gabriel, who worked hard to improve his positioning, but faced a very sound defense from Gracie Barra’s Valente.

With one submission attempt and an impenetrable guard, Valente took the win in a split decision.

210lbs Black Belt Gi
Inacio Neto def. Jean Petrik via armbar

Another brilliant performance by one of Gracie Barra’s top men, Inácio Neto, who outworked Petrik from the closed guard.


190lbs Black Belt Gi
Vinicius Garcia def. Henrique Nóbrega via bread cutter choke

210lbs Black Belt Gi
Inacio Neto def. Jean Petrik via armbar

170lbs Black Belt Gi
– Justin Rice def. Robert Hantz via straight ankle lock

235lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Leandro Nascimento def. Anthony Fitzgerald via decision

145lbs Black Belt Gi
– Lucas Lima def. Willis Nunes via botinha

165lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Jorge Castaneda def. Jairo Bautista via decision

Brown Belt Middle Weight NOGI Title
– William Tackett def. Justin Renick via inverted triangle

155lbs Brown Belt GI Title
– Samuel Nagai def. Carlos Alves Neto via straight ankle lock

180lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Pedro Marinho def. Michael Salazar via knuckles on throat choke (from gift wrap)

200lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Colton Roelofs def. Aaron Culpepper via straight ankle lock

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Carlos Neto def. Joshua Mosquea via armbar

Super Heavy Weight NOGi
– Michael Gonzalez def. John Paul Robledo via armlock

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