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Mason Fowler Beats Craig Jones At SUG 16

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JULY 13, 2020. A huge moment in brown belt Mason Fowler‘s career occurred last night as the Caio Terra representative conquered the Submission Underground open weight title by beating the highly ranked Craig Jones.

The match was lukewarm for the most part, with Fowler playing on the outside, controlling Jones’ bottom leg and stifling the Australian’s famous inversions and leg entanglement entries while hunting for Craig’s neck. Jones, on the other hand, tried his best to chase Mason up and down the mat while playing guard, opting against exchanging with Mason in the stand-up.

When addressing important positional exchanges between both athletes, the score was 1×1. Mason passed Jones’ guard once while Craig swept Fowler once with a nice ankle grab. After regulation time, both competitors went to EBI overtime where Fowler got a controversial tap via RNC/neck crank and the win. It is safe to point that it did not look as though Craig was taping at the time, and more looking for the American’s elbow to push and try to escape. The audio did not make it possible to discern a verbal tap, nevertheless, the tap was called by the referee and victory awarded to the CTA representative, who fought a brilliant match.

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The Match Of The Night award – if there was one to give, would certainly go to BJJ veterans Amanda Loewen and Erin Herle. These two had an action-packed match with backward and forward exchanges, albeit with Amanda getting the most dominant positions. The overtime came to confirm Loewen’s victorious performance, as she was able to get the tap in the EBI rule.

Another interesting match on the card was that of Richie Martinez against Kevin Casey, two veterans of the game. The former Rickson Gracie student – Casey dominated the match, taking Martinez down, passing the guard and mounting. A clean performance, yet, he was not able to finish his opponent taking the match to overtime. There, playing very well with the EBI ruleset, Richie was able to achieve the W.

More results below.

– Hunter Colvin DEF. Andy Varela via darce choke

– Ben Egli DEF. Micha Barkefield via EBI overtime

Richie Martinez DEF. Kevin Casey via EBI overtime

– Amanda Loewen DEF. Erin Herle via EBI overtime

Mason Fowler DEF. Craig Jones via EBI overtime

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