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WNO 3 Results, Garry Tonon Dominates in Outstanding Match

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AUGUST 01, 2020, Austin, TX was once again the home of Who’s Number One (WNO) a super-fight type grappling event put forth for the 3rd time by the Fight 2 Win team, set to promote and update FloGrappling’s jiu-jitsu ranking, albeit, using the submission-only rules of F2W.

MAIN EVENT – Garry Tonon def. Dante Leon via decision

The event headlined the #2 and #4 ranked athletes in the aforementioned Flo ranking at 77 kilograms, Garry Tonon and Dante Leon, the winner of which was set to challenge JT Torres’ #1 position at a future date.

Given the offensive qualities in both athletes, many anticipated this to be the Match Of The Night, and indeed neither of these gentlemen disappointed. Dangerous from all angles, Tonon set the pace of the offense throughout the match, pushing for scrambles and using his unorthodox movement and never-ending gas tank to push Dante to the limit.

Garry’s work rate is truly remarkable as is his commitment to the finish. A real pleasure to watch. Dante’s defense was equally on point as he never found himself in any imminent tapping danger. The Canadian athlete’s strategy seemed to be set on him getting positional control on the New Yorker, from where he would start hunting for submissions of his own, however, the fact that he was continuously out scrambled meant he spent more time on defense and not in a controlled environment.

This dynamic resulted in another solid win for Tonon, who shines brightest in this super-fight, submission-only type format. We look forward to a match with Torres under these rules.

CO-MAIN EVENT – Roberto Abreu def. Lucas Barbosa via decision

When Craig Jones was forced to step down from his challenge to Lucas Hulk at the Who’s Number 1 event due to a possible COVID19 infection, it was Cyborg Abreu who stepped in on a few days notice. That did not seem to phase the veteran who showed up with a full tank of gas for this match-up.

Unfortunately for Barbosa, this match was not too different from his two previous outings against Abreu, who proved too powerful for Lucas while standing. Hulk did have a decent scramble early in the match, where he almost conquered the crucifix position, but he relinquished the control to be on top and the submission opportunity dissipated.

Currently, with less than 5 months to his 40th birthday, Roberto Abreu continues to compete as impressively as he did 15 years ago. Solid stand-up and superior power were the tools most used last by the former ADCC open weight champ.


135lbs Black Belt | 8-min
Junny Ocasio def. Gabe Tuttle via decision

155lbs Black Belt | 8-min
Elisabeth Clay def. Maggie Grindatti via gogoplata choke

190lbs Black Belt | 15-min
Vagner Rocha def. Ronaldo Junior via split decision

Heavyweight Black Belt | 15-min
Roberto “Cyborg” def. Lucas Barbosa via decision

170lbs Black Belt | 15-min
Garry Tonon def. Dante Leon via decision


– James Regina def. Cody Dixon via decision

– Nathan Segal def. Lewis Mclendon RNC

– Blake A Carter def. Zachariah Omalley via RNC/Crank

– Helena Crevar def. Mackenzie Biasi via Americana

– Zach Lowery def. Jordan Saenz via kesa-gatame

– Jorge Valladares def. Mike Graves via decision

– Daishi Goto def. Francisco Papasidero via decision

– Steven Ramos def. Alejandro Wajner via decision

– David Weintraub def. Nicholas Martinez via split decision

– Jacob Couch def. Ramiro Leon via straight ankle lock

– Lauren Sears def. Jessie Crane via split decision*

– Alex Asad def. Felipe Ferreira via decision

. Michael Rakshan def. Luke Perry via kesa-gatame/scarfhold

– Brad Schneider def. Nicholas Spacek via crucifix choke

– Joey Velasquez def. Dani Allen via split decision

– Daniel Calvert def. James A Gifford via outside heel-hook

– Matt Cox def. Michael Winters via decision

– Stefanie Kopacz def. Julia Ottolino via straight ankle lock

– Justin Renick def. Gerson Oliveira via decision

– Michel Lugo def. Jorge Castaneda via decision

– William Watts def. Christopher Kuntschik via triangle

– Manuel Aguilar def. Brandon Gutierrez via straight ankle lock

– Cameron Mellott def. Grayson Henley via decision (F2W belt)

– Andrew Tackett def. Dante Muschamp via RNC (F2W belt)

– Don Westman def. Parker Lapp via armbar

– Steve Hargett def. Andrew Franco via decision

– Chris Orozoco def. Brian Pierce inside heel-hook

– Andre Porfirio def. Hygor Beck via decision

Joe Baize def. Eddie Wittern via outside heel-hook

– Joe Dierkhising def. Nicholas Greene via body triangle

– Travis Moore def. Seth Daniels via outside heel-hook


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