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A set of exclusive BJJ related interviews to some of the top figures of Jiu Jitsu. With relevant information for the fans of the sport.

Márcio Stambowsky Interview

Márcio Stambowsky, also known in the jiu jitsu world as ‘Macarra’ or ‘Macarrão’, is a jiu jitsu coral belt and one of the most respected figures of the sport. Being an original Rolls Gracie black belt with an overwhelming experience in competition, also being the highest ranked jiu jitsu man in Connecticut, who’s son is the up and coming MMA star Neiman Gracie; there were plenty of reasons to get together with Master Márcio for an interview.

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Interview wit Jeff Glover on his Sunday Roll Out

Jeff Glover is one of the most charismatics and entertaining grapplers to have graced our sport, also known for his fun approach to the game. Glover recently started his own tournament, following his fun loving philosophy, and the tournament has hit the ground running with full support of California’s main jiu jitsu stars. BJJ Heroes got together with Jeff and asked him a few questions about his Sunday Rollout jiu jitsu tournament concept.

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Reinaldo Ribeiro Intervirew

The European Championship is over, but our correspondent in Portugal, Mr Hugo “Sabugo” Miranda got to spend time with a number of fighters and coaches, hearing what they have to say about some issues such as the state of BJJ in Europe and how the basis of the gentle art has evolved.

Yuri Simões Interview: “it’s very difficult to get far in a sport that is abandoned in terms of sponsorship and media.”

Yuri Simoes is one of the best athletes in the Checkmat Academy. The black belt under Ricardo Vieira, is a former world champion (purple and brown) and Pan American champion (black belt) who is doing a tour around Europe giving seminars after a while living in Australia. BJJ Heroes had the opportunity to catch up with Yuri in England and talk about his recent trips and a bit more.

Caio Terra Interview

Brazilian born Caio Terra is currently one of the most accomplished jiu jitsu black belts in the world with several world titles. In 2007 Caio was invited by Cesar Gracie to come and settle in the US and become Gracie Eltite’s grappling coach, more recently he was invited by MMA fighter Carlos Condit to help him prepare for his UFC title shot against GSP. Cesar Gracie came out in public, making himself vocal. BJJ Heroes got in contact with Caio Terra for a short interview to hear his version of the facts.

André Terêncio Interview

André Terêncio, also known as André “Negão” is one of the leaders of the Brazil 021 jiu jitsu academy, a team with strong roots in Rio de Janeiro, and also in United States, namely in Houston, Texas and Chicago, Illinois where André and his wife Hanette Staack live and teach. Terêncio, who is also one of the most respected referees in the IBJJF roster got together with BJJ Heroes to discuss the developments of his most recent endeavour, the launching of “Brazil 021 Projects”.

Rodrigo Cabral Interview

Rodrigo Cabral
A good friend of BJJ Heroes, Rodrigo Cabral “Brucutu” has moved toTexas, US recently where he has been coaching is awesome Jiu Jitsu (at John’s Gym). We got together with theAllianceblack belt and asked him a few questions, not only about his recent move, but also about some current issues as gym affiliation and fighters switching camps.

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Huanderson Pavao Interview

One of the men responsible for GFTeam’s success, Huanderson Pavão is one of those guys that is not mentioned often enough in the sport. A top level grappler with a vicious no-gi game and one of the top coaches out there, BJJ Heroes was lucky enough to drag him out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his past enterprises in the USA, his future and the release of his new website

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Hannette Staack Interview

Interview with one of the biggest legends in Jiu Jitsu, Hannette Staack, 6 times world champion and one of the leaders of the Brazil 021 team in the United States and Brazil. Hannette talks about her busy schedule, her training habits, her day to day life, her social projects and the future of the sport. Get to know the woman behind the champion through this interview.

Luciana Machado Simon Interview

Luciana Machado is the proud owner of the famous M Kimonos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brand. MKimonos was arguably the first brand to become world famous in the BJJ world, a brand associated with big names such as Saulo Ribeiro, Vitor “Shaolin”, Royler Gracie and many others. The witty and outspoken Brazilian got together with BJJ Heroes and revealed a little about who she is and what the brand is all about.

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Rodrigo Cabral: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Russia

Rodrigo Cabral was the man commissioned to develop Alliance’s Jiu Jitsu prowess in Russia. This Rio de Janeiro native (also known as “Brucutu”) has left his sunny Brazil to travel to Easter Europe, and establish the first Alliance franchise in the land of Sambo. BJJ Heroes caught up with Rodrigo to discuss this exciting enterprise.