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Berserker Action At F2W 140 Sees Gabriel Almeida and Queixinho Victorious

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MAY 17, 2020, Dallas – Texas, was the host city of Fight 2 Win’s comeback shows since the promotion was forced to postpone their events due to the coronavirus outbreak in March. The return of the show came by way of 2 back-to-back events, namely F2W 139 (see results here) and yesterday’s F2W 140.

Friday’s 139 event had a stronger focus on no-gi and 140 in the gi, given the nature of the main and co-main events, this way satisfying both sides of the grappling community. Although both events were quite entertaining if there was a vote to be made as to which provided the better action, that vote, in our opinion would have to fall on the gi. Matches like Gabriel Almeida vs Roberto Jimenez, Osvaldo Moizinho vs AJ Agazarm, or Rodrigo Lopes Martins vs Joe Murphy, truly made us see how much we missed this game. The fact that we would be hard-pressed to choose a match of the night out of the F2W140 event is a testament to how good these matches were.

Starting from the main event, Ares BJJ frontman Osvaldo Moizinho put on a grappling clinic against Nick Diaz Academy representative AJ Agazarm. Always in trouble, the durable Florida native escaped every tight submission he was put under, and came back for more, like the Terminator. Tight cross chokes, omoplata, armbar, back to omoplata, triangle, etc, this was a full action-packed affair, well worth revisiting for those with a FloGrappling account. After so many attempts, Osvaldo was unable to finish, coming away with a unanimous decision victory.

Another MOTN type event was that of Gabriel Almeida of Checkmat versus the New Kid On The Block – the mega-talented Roberto Jimenez. Almeida came out with guns blazing, with a triangle off a guard pull, followed by an omoplata and a footlock attack, all in under 30 seconds of the match. The high-pace continued with Jimenez conquering terrain himself with a few back attacks. The bout did end up in the dreaded 50-50 guard, yet none of these gentlemen took the chance to breathe. Instead, an array of footlock attempts and kneebars, sweeps, and lots of dynamics. Great match, which Almeida won via split decision. The gas tank in these to athletes was nothing short of incredible.

Other very entertaining athletes worthy of mentioning were Mark Francescutti, Rodrigo Lopes Martins, Trouy Mercer, Cameron Adair  and Ed Johnson. Truly entertaining card. Check the full results list below.


Main Event
165lbs Black Belt Gi
Osvaldo Queixinho def. AJ Agazarm via decision

Co Main Event
185lbs Black Betl Gi
Gabriel Almeida def. Roberto Jimenez via split decision

215lbs Black Belt Gi
– Stephen Hall def. Buddy Roberts via decision

175lbs Black Belt Gi
– Rodrigo Lopes Martins def. Joe Murphy via omoplata/choke

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Mark Francescutti def. Bradley Clifton via mounted Ezekiel choke

145lbs Brown Belt NOGi
– Cameron Adair def. Michael Diaz via ankle lock

200lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Trouy Mercer def. Joshua Richards via chin-strap guillotine from side control

195lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Ed Johnson def. Adam Cruz via anaconda choke

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Ricardo Mendes def. Wase Smittle via split decision

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Keaton Standridge def. Blake Bradshaw via decision

150lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Joao de Melo def. Diego Vasquez via decision

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