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Johny Tama Victorious In Jiu-Jitsu’s Return

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MAY 15, 2020 witnessed the return of professional jiu-jitsu by the hands of Fight 2 Win, in Dallas Texas.

The event ran smoothly and without any known incidents, with all athletes showing a clear eagerness to perform. In a mix of gi and no-gi matches, outside the two main events, we would like to make a special reference to Fight Sport’s Paulo Azambula’s fantastic performance over Cameron Couch, as well as Dillon Hinojosa. Both very entertaining athletes to follow.

For the main and co-main event, as we had alluded to in our preview, the Johnny Tama x Ethan Crelinsten had all the ingredients for a terrific display of grappling, and we were not wrong. In our eyes, this was the fight of the night. The Canadian Crelinsten looked unease with Tama’s well known Reverse X-Guard game, one that Johnny used to constantly attack Crelinsten’s feet. Ethan posed a few threats of his own, with feet entanglements, particularly from 50-50 and a dangerous back attack combination near the end. Unfortunately for the TriStar/DDS team member, not enough to sway the judges. Solid match and solid win from Tama.

Cyborg vs Trator was a typical ultra-heavyweight match, with Roberto working from the top position and Vinicius playing a very efficient guard game. In the end, a victory for the Fight Sports leader, likely for positional dominance.


Main Event
230lbs Black Belt NOGI
Roberto Abreu def. Vinicius Trator via decision

CO Main Event
170lbs Black Belt NOGI
Johnny Tama def. Ethan Crelinsten via decision

195lbs Black Belt Gi
Vinicius Garcia def. Kevin Williams via decision

230lbs Black Belt Gi
– Viktor Doria def. Eddie Avelar via decision

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Igor Paiva def. Jeff Hammond via armbar

205lbs Black Belt Gi
– Yuri Santos def. Andre Gomes via decision

210lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Paulo Azambuja def. Cameron Couch via armbar

215lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Kevin McCormick def. Joshua HighTower via triangle.armbar

210lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Justin Rennick def. Aaron Culpepper via RNC

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Dillon Hinojosa def. Colby Capps via straight ankle lock

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Grayson Henley (Brasa) def. Alex Lopez via armbar

175lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Dylan Martinez def. Alexander Leon via decision

Roberto Jimenez BJJ Attacking The Back

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