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BJJ Stars, Matheus Gabriel Wins 100,000 In GP And Isaque Beats Mica Galvao

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OCTOBER 22, 2022, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL. A perfect night of entertainment produced by Brazil’s top pro-jiu-jitsu promotion, BJJ Stars. The matchmakers and the company spared no efforts in putting together a card to be remembered, matching it with high-level production as has been the norm with the event over the previous 8 events we have had the pleasure of watching.

Lightweight Tournament

The big draw of this weekend’s BJJ Stars was the lightweight tournament on offer, set to crown the promotion’s 76kg champion, a prize that came with a 100,000R$ (Brazilian Real) check for the winner, a very hefty sum. The tournament gathered some of the finest gi jiu-jitsu athletes on the land who did not disappoint. Great matches, particularly from the two finalists, Matheus Gabriel (Checkmat) and Meyram Maquiné (Dream Art).

Despite being the smallest athlete in the tournament, Meyram applied his incredible speed to beat his opponents on the way to the last clash, taking out two grapplers who often compete at middleweight (Pedro Maia and Luiz Paulo), despite Maquiné being a light-featherweight. A tremendous feat on its own, but his herculean effort came to a stop when he met former IBJJF champion, Matheus Gabriel.

Matheus Gabriel looked unstoppable in the event, both technically, physically, and tactically. Being aggressive and defensive when required in the crucial moments of the tournament. A flawless performance by the Texas-based Brazilian athlete.

Main Superfights

The event offered also a range of top-shelf super fights with and without the gi, with all no-gi matches being under the ADCC rules and the gi matches under IBJJF. There were two highly anticipated match-ups, namely Mica Galvão vs Isaque Bahiense and Fabricio Andrey vs Samuel Nagai. Sadly, despite Mica’s efforts, this was not a very dynamic match. Galvão had a few tight submission attempts but ended up losing for pulling guard in an attempt to get the fight going after a stalemate on the feet.

The Nagai x Andrey was much more animated and a fun match to follow, particularly during the “no-points” portion of the match. Despite the animated exchanges, the match ended up being decided via decision. In the after-match interview, an emotional Samuel Nagai thanked his brother Jackson Nagai for pushing him to train when they were children and family life was in shatters due to an absentee mother and their father’s severe mental health issues. Sam explained that jiu-jitsu training ended up becoming the only therapy he had access to, through his brother.



Matheus Gabriel def. Wallison Oliveira via armbar

Meyram Maquine def. Pedro Maia via 7×0

Israel Sousa def. Darlan Casaca via 7×0

Luiz Paulo def. Pablo Lavaselli via 5×2 adv, 0x0 pts


Matheus Gabriel def. Israel Sousa via 4×2

Meyram Maquiné def. Luiz Paulo via 1×0 adv, 0x0 pts


Matheus Gabriel def. Meyram Maquiné via 2×0


Ingridd Alves def. Sabatha Lais via 2×0 pts

Anna Rodrigues def. Maria Claudia via armbar

Rider Zuchi def. Pedro Machado via 2×1 adv, 0x0 pts

Beatriz Mesquita def. Thalyta Silva via 4×0 (no-gi)

Jansen Gomes def. Marcos “Petcho” Martins via decision (no-gi)

Paulo Miyao def. Alexandre Vieira via inside heel hook (no-gi)

Samuel Nagai def. Fabricio Andrey via decision (no-gi)

Isaque Bahiense def. Micael Galvão via penalties (no-gi)


– Roberto Godoi def. Victor Doria via decision

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