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Big Deal Pro 3 Results, Leandro Lo, Munis Brothers, Bianca Basílio, Petcho, Aly And More

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JULY 11, 2021, FLORIANÓPOLIS, SANTA-CATARINA, BRAZIL witnessed the 3rd edition of the Big Deal Pro, a jiu-jitsu event native to the South American country. BDP has been running since 2020 gaining plenty of traction in the local professional circuit through its past female and male tournaments. This time around the promoters spared no expenses to make this a big-budget event, bringing forth the cream of the crop in the sport, including IBJJF world champions Leandro Lo, Erberth Santos, Isaque Bahiense, Mahamed Aly, and Bianca Basílio, mixing these juggernauts with some of the top rising talents in the sport in a total of 22 fights.


There were plenty of fun matches on offer, from Bianca Basílio‘s clinical performance over Dulce Rosenthal to Victoria Ulrich’s backward and forward war against Ericka Almeida, or Mahamed Aly‘s stand-up grind versus Pedro Bombom, Erich Munis, and many more, nevertheless, Wallace Costa vs Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro – in our opinion – stole the show.

Two very big guys with tons of heart and technique, Wallace and Marcus showed the world that the new generation of Brazilian ultra-heavyweights is alive and doing very well.

Marcus started the match with a beautiful sweep attempt, which he used to conquer full back control on Wallace. He went for a tight choke, but GFT’s ultra-heavyweight survived and conquered top position. From the top, Costa applied the Miragaia position to reach the Alliance representative’s back(!) a total shift in momentum, applying a tight cross-face/RNC on Ribeiro.

Both survived each other’s submission attempts and lived to the end. A non-stop match that could have gone either way, no doubt.


Maybe not the most entertaining performance of the night, but certainly one to remember, Anderson had three very tough matches last night against some of the best in the world, namely Harryson Pereira, Gabriel Henrique Oliveira, and Erberth Santos. Munis played strategically, never detouring from his own strengths, working his range from the bottom.

This tactic approach to the GP is completely understandable. Having arrived at the black belt division in September 2020 hailed as one of jiu-jitsu’s hottest prospects, Munis’ record has been somewhat mixed, with a few unexpected losses since then. With some of the biggest names in the division at the Big Deal Pro, Anderson chose to win first and foremost, and that he did.

Every match was a grind for Munis, but his hardest test was Gabriel Henrique Oliveira. After a very solid performance against Harryson Pereira, Anderson tried his hardest to attack the Mario Reis black belt (Henrique) from his De La Riva guard. Henrique’s strong base looked impossible to outbalance, with Gabriel also unable to pose any real threat to Munis’ guard. A decision win for the Dream Art representative for his work rate as he appeared to push the pace, particularly towards the end of the match.

Against Erberth, in the final, another even match, albeit, an exciting one. Munis had an interesting guard pull via belt grip. From the bottom, Anderson tried to sweep Santos using a number of guard variations but was unable to do establish full control to score points. His solid work rate was once again a deciding factor for the judges.

– André Pimenta def. Michael Koch via clock choke
Leonardo Lara def. Jeison Silva via choke
Rafael Mansur def. Gabriel Gaudio via 6×4 pts
– Victoria Urich def. Ericka Almeida via 3×2 pts
Maurício Oliveira def. Wellington Luis via 3×0 pts
Dimitrius Souza def. Pedro Elias via 2×0 pts
– Fernanda Mazzeli def. Sabatha Laís via decision (0x0 pts)
Marcus “Petcho” Martins def. Alex Munis via 1×0 adv, 0x0 pts
Igor Schneider def. Otavio Nalati via 13×0 pts
Bianca Basílio def. Dulce Rosenthal via choke from the back
Erich Munis def. Leonardo Lemos via armbar

Leandro Lo def. Henrique “Ceconi” Cardoso via 2×1 adv, 0x0 pts

Rider Zuchi def. Henrique Moicano via 2×0 adv, 0x0 pts
Isaque Bahiense def. Sérvio Túlio via 4×2 adv, 2×2 pts
Mahamed Aly def. Pedro Alex via decision (0x0 pts)


Erberth Santos def. Guilherme Lambertucci via RNC
Wallace Costa def. Marcus Ribeiro via decision (4×4 pts)
Gabriel Henrique def. Eduardo “Duzão” Lopes via 12×0 pts
Anderson Munis def. Harryson Pereira via 2×0 pts

Erberth Santos def. Wallace Costa via advantage (6×6 pts)
Anderson Munis def. Gabriel Henrique via decision (0x0 pts)

Anderson Munis def. Erberth Santos via 2×1 adv, 0x0 pts

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