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Giles and Gordon Shine at Kinektic Grappling Event

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Gordon Ryan Guard Passing Instructional

AUGUST 17, 2019. As expected, team BJJ Fanatics completely ruled the Kinektic Grappling tournament. With similar rules to the Quintet event, this was a team of 5 vs team 5 event where the winner stays on the mat until he is beat or reaches a draw. Although with the same budgets, one team definitely stood out, neck and shoulders above the rest, talent-wise. that was the aforementioned BJJ Fanatics group, who brought forward a real group of elite competitors. The tournament ended up being just as easy as predicted with two of the 5 competitors not even entering the mat (Craig Jones and Edwin Najmi).

In the first round, it was all about the Australian Lachlan Giles, the head coach of Absolute MMA St. Kilda. Giles managed to avenge his Polaris loss to Mansher Khera during the first round, arguably the top grappler on team Lights Out, going on to submit every single other athlete on that team, not giving a chance for any of his teammates to warm-up. On the second round of matches, BJJ Fanatics athlete Nick Rodriguez took out Jorge Rodrigues with a late submission and drew with Ronny Markes (arguably the fight of the night), which allowed Gordon Ryan to shine. The featherweight competitor Rafael Domingos was Ryan’s most difficult match, but even there, it wasn’t a particularly hard fight for the Jersey native. Below are the full results from each match at Kinetic.


BJJ Fanatics x Lights Out

Lachlan Giles def. Mansher Khera by inside heel-hook
Lachlan Giles def. Will Weed by inside heel-hook
Lachlan Giles def. Joe Riggs by armbar
Lachlan Giles def. Chris Lyttle by inside heel-hook
Lachlan Giles def. Ricco Rodriguez by inside heel-hook

SUG vs LionHeart

– Guilherme Vasconcelos drew with Brian Sparrow
– Jorge Rodrigues def. Scott Morton by armbar
– Jorge Rodrigues drew with James Brasco
Enrico Cocco def. Rafael Domingos by inside heel-hook
Enrico Cocco drew with Gabriel Checo
– Ronny Markes def. Joe Warren by katagatame


BJJ Fanatics x SUG

– Nick Rodriguez def. Jorge Rodrigues by inside heel-hook
– Nick Rodriguez drew with Ronny Markes
Gordon Ryan def.  Gabriel Checco by kimura
Gordon Ryan def.  Rafael Domingos by RNC
Gordon Ryan def.  Guilherme Vasconcelos by arm in guillotine

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