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Polaris 19 Results, Jimenez, Reusing, And Williams Win In England

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MARCH 03, 2022, Southampton, England, marked another successful night for the Polaris Invitational, the 19th edition of one of Europe’s top Professional Jiu-Jitsu promotions. Despite the handful of international names on the show, the main card appeared to be, for the most part, compiled by mismatches either in size or in the standard of grappling. As a result, it is fair to say we saw quite a few lop-sided affairs.

Despite these predictable outcomes, the matches did entertain, particularly Ash Williams and Roberto Jimenez who showed outstanding work rate in constant search of that match-ending submission.


A quick match, but a fun match. Magid opted to pull guard early and Roberto made him pay for it with relentless passing. In the end, a half-guard sweeping attempt by Hage forced Roberto to scramble, and scramble is what the Ecuatorian grappler does best. The result of the exchange was a quick back-take and a finish for the Studio 76 representative.


Two very entertaining grapplers were expected to put on a show for the fans. Sadly, those expectations were cut short by an unfortunate event that led to Amanda’s injury. After a quick takedown by Kendall, the two had a short exchange on the ground before Leve’s foot got stuck in a weird angle on Kendall’s hip as the Philadelphia athlete was playing guard, forcing an injury and the end of the match.


– Phil Harris Def. Paddy Holohan via Decision

Margot Ciccarelli Def. Ashley Bendle via Decision

– Eoghan O’flanagan Def. Valentin Fels via Decision

– Owen Livesey Def. Freddy Vosgrone via Decision

Ash Williams Def. Jack Sear via Decision

Kendall Reusing Def. Amanda Leve via Injury

Roberto Jimenez Def. Magid Hage via Short Choke

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