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Big Wins For The Daisy Fresh Squad At GrappleFest 11

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FEBRUARY 27, 2022, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM was the location chosen by GrappleFest for the big showdown of the weekend, that of the Pedigo Fighting System (AKA Daisy Fresh) and a squad of European grapplers who came to challenge the well known American team.

A very entertaining event through-and-through saw the Daisy Fresh platoon dominate the majority of their matches, taking home a score of 5×2 wins over team Europe in the main card, with a few more wins in the prelims schedule. This while also collecting 3 GrappleFest titles in the process with impressive and dominant wins by Dante Leon (80KG), Kendall Reusing (Open), and John Hansen (Open).


Dante Leon X Mateusz Szczecinski (80 Kilogram Title)
Many expected Mateusz to pose a real threat to Dante in the main event, but the Canadian had other plans for this match-up. Using his trademarked speed and side-to-side movement, Leon never allowed Poland’s Mateusz Szczecinski to set up any gripping sequence worthy of a threat. In one of his fast guard passing entries, the Pedigo FS representative managed to conquer the underhook for a lightning-quick knee-cut pass to a far-side armbar. Perfect finish.

Kendall Reusing X Ffion Davies (Open Weight Title)
A fun match between two of the most aggressive grapplers on the no-gi scene. Ffion’s plan appeared simple on paper: Two avoid trading in the stand-up with a seasoned wrestler such as Kendall and work a sweep from the bottom, preferably from a bolo or k-guard. Once on top, she would have the upper hand. Sadly for the Welsh athlete, Kendall did not allow it.

Using her very strong base from a top position, Reusing worked her knee-cut while staying dangerous with the submission attacks to the feet. A smart strategy that led to a dominant victory for Kendall by referee decision.

John Hansen X Jamie Hughes (Open Weight Title)
A flawless and dominant performance by Hansen, the current ADCC EC Trials winner. John put the pedal to the metal from the start, dominating Huges with his slick back takes which ended with a match-winning choke.


Dante Leon DEF. Mateusz Szczecinski via armbar
Wins Male 80-kilo GF Belt

Kendall Reusing DEF. Ffion Davies via decision
Wins Female Open-Weight GF Belt

Mikey Musumeci DEF. Kev Corkhill via straight ankle lock

– John Hansen DEF. Jamie Hughes via RNC
Wins Male Open-Weight GF Belt

– Jacob Couch DEF. Santeri Lilius via decision

– Matty Holmes DEF. Brad Schneider via decision

– Jack Tyley DEF. Jorge Valladares via decision

– Owen Livesey DEF. Paul Lukowski via decision

– Tommy Yip DEF. Chris Hayes via RNC

– Nadine Tavares DEF. Simone Caffrey via decision

– James Duckis DEF. Des Parker via decision

– Harry McKnight DEF. Reece Doran via inside heel-hook

– Jay Butler DEF. Ciaran Brohan via lateral kneebar

– Rosa Walsh DEF. Marina Mavrou via armbar

– Jeremy Pare DEF. Shane Curtis via outside heel-hook


– Kris Leeson DEF. George McManus via decision

– Philippe Geyer DEF. Aidan Woodley via inside heel hook

– Jack Grant DEF. Dave Weston via inside heel hook

– Andrew Hardwick DEF. Amadeusz Arczewski via inside heel-hook

– Josh Cherrington DEF. Jack Levack via RNC

– Lewis Ridley DEF. Ryan Graham via Japanese necktie

– Stefan Biddles DEF. Evan Reid via decision

– Hannah Garrett DEF. Hayley Valentine via decision

– Jacob “Spatch” Brooks DEF. Owen Phillips-Jones via Darce choke

– Johnny Dash DEF. Josh Taylor via arm-in guillotine

– Aman Alim DEF. Vinny James via triangle/shoulder lock

– Tad Cravens DEF. Sam Barker via decision

– Ashley Wagg DEF. Mark Wynne via toe hold

– Jaimie Middleton DEF. Ellie Wright via decision

– Jared Shafer DEF. Jack Hassard via triangle

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