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The Natural Roberto Jimenez Takes Polaris Middleweight GP In Epic Performance

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NOVEMBER 05, 2022, SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND, saw another edition of the Polaris Jiu-Jitsu Invitational, one of the top professional grappling promotions in Europe. This marked the 22nd edition of Polaris, a moment celebrated with a very interesting middleweight tournament that captivated the interest of a fair few big names in the sport as referenced in our P22 card report (check here).


As it happens in so many top-level events, matches are unpredictable and the word “favorite” does not often equate to a big difference in skill from one athlete to the next, therefore, big surprises are hard to come by. Nevertheless, if we were to pick a surprising or breakthrough performance out of the event, that would most certainly go to England’s Jed Hue. A Londoner and relatively new black belt who was the smallest athlete in the tournament but overcame his size and experience disadvantage with skill and precision.

Hue was unable to submit in the event – an aspect of the game he is traditionally very good at – but made up for his submissions with very crafty wins over two high-level veterans in Alan Sanches of 10th Planet and New Wave’s Oliver Taza. Taza who we had as a front-runner for the Polaris title.


Luckily for all those in attendance and the fans watching at home the tournament’s champion was also the event’s most fun athlete to watch. “The Natural” Roberto Jimenez, an athlete that prides himself on living a clean life, free of PEDs and on a plant-based diet, put on a show of technique, body movement, timing, and aggression on the Polaris mats taking home the Polaris middleweight title by being on both of the two best matches of the event in his clashes with Shane Fishman and Hunter Colvin, coming out with – what looked like – still plenty of gas left on the tank.

Truly an impressive performance for the young competitor who showed much improved leg-locking escapes against two very savvy leg lockers such as Hunter Colvin and Jed Hue.

Below are the results of P22’s main card.


– Hunter Colvin def. Owen Livesey via RNC

Roberto Jimenez def. Shane Fishman via 8×2 pts

– Jed Hue def. Alan Sanchez via 4×0 pts

Oliver Taza def. Mateusz Szczecinski via decision


– Jed Hue def. Oliver Taza via 1×0

Roberto Jimenez def. Hunter Colvin via triangle (MOTN)


Roberto Jimenez def. Jed Hue via katagatame


Ashley Williams def. Carlos Condit via inside heel hook

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