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Philippe Pomaski

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Philippe Pomaski is a Swiss grappler and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Leonardo Vieira, who also worked extensively with Gabriel Rollo (Palito), Thiago Abreu (Baiano), Claude Jäger and Roberto Abreu (Cyborg). Pomaski gained notoriety in the BJJ world as a colored belt division, being referenced as one of Europe’s rising stars by BJJ Heroes in 2015, a reputation he would further cement as a black belt with important wins in the European circuit.

Philippe Pomaski Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Philippe Basil Pomaski

Nickname: N/A

Lineage:  Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Leonardo Vieira > Philippe Pomaski

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place IBJJF Munich Open (2019)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Switzerland National Pro (2019)
  • 1st Place Porto Jiu-Jitsu Challenge (2019)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Geneva Open (2018**)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Geneva Open NoGi (2018*)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Madrid Open (2018)
  • 2nd Place UAEJJF Grand Slam Moscow (2019)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF Amsterdam Open (2018)
  • 3rd Place ACBJJ World Championship (2018)

Main Achievements (Colored Belts):

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship NoGi (2012 Blue)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pan Championship NoGi (2016 Brown)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Grand Slam LA (2015 Purple)
  • 1st Place FPJJ São Paulo State Championship (2013 Purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Atlanta Pro (2016 Brown)
  • 1st Place IBJJF San Diego Pro (2017 Brown)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Las Vegas Pro (2016 Brown)
  • 1st Place FPJJ Campeonato Internacional São Paulo (2015** Purple)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF European Open (2015** Purple)
  • 2nd Place UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro (2015 Purple)
  • 2nd Place ACBJJ World Championship (2017 Brown)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2012 Blue)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2015 Purple)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2016 Brown)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Brazilian Nationals (2013 Purple)
  • 3rd Place ACBJJ World Championship (2017* Brown)

Favorite Position/Technique: Well Rounded

Weight Division: Meio Pesado (88,30 kg / 195.0 lbs)

Team/Association: Basel JJ/Checkmat

Philippe Pomaski Biography

Philippe Pomaski was born on January 01, 1991, in Basel, Switzerland.

Prior to finding jiu-jitsu, Pomaski spent his formative years playing a variety of sports, including football (soccer) and basketball. Although competitive, none of the traditional sports available truly inspired young Pomaski, and with that in mind, by the time he was 12 Philippe started taking an interest in martial arts, then starting kung fu classes.

Pomaski’s initial experience with kung fu only lasted for a short period, given the lack of sparring or any type of testing to the techniques learned in class. Philippe returned to martial arts as a 15-year-old, this time with muay Thai, a much more engaging striking art.

Although very excited about Thai boxing and interested in competing, given his age, Pomaski required written permission from his parents to enter the ring. Something his parents were opposed to.

While training MT, Pomaski started watching mixed martial arts, particularly the, now extinct, Japanese promotion Pride FC. There, his favorite fighters were mainly grapplers. Men such as Ricardo Arona, Rodrigo “Minotauro” and members of the Gracie Family. Adding to his interest in MMA jiu-jitsukas, one of his close friends, who had grappling knowledge, showed him a few submissions and convinced Philippe to seek BJJ tuition. He was nearly 18YO when he joined the BJJ Team Basel with coach Claude Jäger.

While under coach Claude’s tuition, Pomaski grew more fascinated by grappling, so much so that at the age of 21, blue belt Pomaski moved to Miami, Florida – USA (2012) to train with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. It was the famous Fight Sports founder who graduated Philippe to purple belt after winning NoGi worlds that year 2012.

At the start of 2013, Philippe moved to Santos, a coastal town in Sao Paulo state (Brazil), where he joined Rodrigo Cavaca’s classroom. During that period, Pomaski met and befriended Gabriel Rollo (Palito) and Thiago Abreu (Baiano), two students of Cavaca who had their own team Checkmat affiliate (The House) in Santos which, Pomaski started visiting regularly.

Later that year (2013) Cavaca left the Checkmat team, and Philippe decided to remain with Checkmat at The House, training under Palito and Baiano.

After two years in Santos, training under Palito and Baiano, Pomaski became widely recognized as one of the best purple belts in the world. In an attempt to further develop his BJJ career, Philippe moved California to train at Checkmat HQ with master Leo Vieira. It was Vieira who promoted the Swiss talent to his brown and black belt ranks, the latter on June 5, 2018, in the presence of his other two coaches – Rollo and Abreu.

Also in 2018 Philipe decided to return to his hometown of Basel to re-join with academic life, studying political science at the local university.

Philippe Pomaski Grappling Record

    8 (40%)
    3 (15%)
    5 (25%)
    2 (10%)
    1 (5%)
  • BY DQ
    1 (5%)


Choke from back
    6 (60%)
    1 (10%)
    0 (0%)
    2 (20%)
    1 (10%)
  • BY DQ
    0 (0%)


Philippe Pomaski Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
16497Stuart CooperLPts: 0x0, PenBoa Super 8ABS4F2018
16574Gustavo BatistaGustavo BatistaLPts: 2x0ACBJJ World85KGSF2018
17058Luan CarvalhoLuan CarvalhoLPointsAsian OpenABS4F2018
17075Matheus GodoyLPts: 2x0Amsterdam OpenABSF2018
17078Yan CabralLReferee DecisionPorto ChallengeABSF2018
17480Laurynas P.LPts: 2x0ADCC EU Trials88KG8F2018
18546Santeri LiliusLPts: 2x0European Open88KGR12019
19653William DiasLPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Pro85KG4F2019
19662DJ JacksonDJ JacksonLPts: 2x0World Pro85KGRPC2019
20303Rudson MateusRudson MateusLReferee DecisionGrand Slam MSK85KGF2019
16572Servio TulioServio TulioWChoke from backACBJJ World85KG4F2018
16577Rodrigo CaporalRodrigo CaporalWReferee DecisionACBJJ World85KG3RD2018
17073Adam AdsheadWArmlockAmsterdam OpenABS4F2018
17074Jamie HughesWChoke from backAmsterdam OpenABSSF2018
17076Antonio NascimentoWPointsPorto ChallengeABS4F2018
17077N/AWPointsPorto ChallengeABSSF2018
17477Jaroslaw FrankowskiWPts: 2x0ADCC EU Trials88KGR12018
17478Matt HolmesWPts: 0x0, PenADCC EU Trials88KGR22018
17664Rodrigo ReisWPts: 7x4Geneva Open88KGF2018
17666Jose GranjaWAdvGeneva OpenABSR12018
17667John LennoWPointsGeneva OpenABS4F2018
17669Ilke BulutIlke BulutWPointsGeneva OpenABSSF2018
17895Raul GomezWChoke from backMadrid Open88KGF2018
18827Cedric AkakpoviWDQSwitzerland Pro85KGRR2019
18828Cedric AkakpoviWPts: 6x0Switzerland Pro85KGRR2019
19479Felipe MotaFelipe MotaWEzekielMunich Open88KGSF2019
19480Franco MariniWPts: 3x0Munich Open88KGF2019
19652Matheus GodoyWReferee DecisionWorld Pro85KGR12019
19660David WillisWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Pro85KGRPC2019
20301Abdulbari GuseinovWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam MSK85KGSF2019


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