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2016 No-Gi Pan Ams Results: Satava and Danis Win Big!

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Another edition of the IBJJF No-Gi Pan American Championship took place at the Nat Holman Gym (CCNY) in New York City. Although the event brought out less competitors than in previous editions, the tournament still brought out incredible jiu jitsu moments, particularly in the men’s black belt divisions.

The tournament saw the return of Dillon Danis to jiu jitsu competition, and the winners column, since his time spent training mixed martial arts (MMA) with SBG in Ireland. The Marcelo Garcia crew was on fire at the No-Gi Pan Ams, with the likes of Gianni Grippo, Jonathan Satava and the aforementioned Danis all coming out with gold medals. Satava and Dillon bringing double gold, after closing out the absolute division.

IBJJF 2016 Pan American No-Gi Championship Results

Roosterweight Final:
Marcelo Cohen def. Alexis Barragan in the final by referee decision.

Light-Featherweight Final:
Only Joao Miyao registered. Winner by WO

Featherweight Final:
Ian Phyllip Sanders def. Sergio Calderon by RNC
Sanders had an incredible tournament dominating the division and putting on a back taking clinic throughout the event. Excellent performance.

Lightweight Final:
Gianni Grippo def. Rodrigo Freitas by 4×0 (pts)
In a tough battle between these two well known guard players, Grippo took the initiative by coming on top after the initial double guard pull. His intent paid dividends, with the New Yorker stealing the win after a well timed back take after a solid guard passing attempt. In the semi final Grippo had disposed of the very tough Kioto representative Vinicius Soares by submission.

Middleweight Final:
Jonathan Satava def Felipe Cesar by referee decision.
Excellent performance by both athletes throughout the tournament. Jonathan submitted his way through to the final, finding in the crafty Brazilian guard player his toughest match of the night. Felipe, who had submitted Jonathan’s team mate Marcos Tinoco in the semi final, couldn’t sway the referees in his favor, with the Marcelo Garcia black belt taking the decision by being more active.

Medium Heavyweight Final:
Dillon Danis def. Murilo Santana by 2×0 (pts)
Excellent performance by Danis who took the win by early takedown. Dillon showed sharp wrestling throughout the tournament, and an even sharper arm in guillotine. A submission with which he finished 2 of his opponents.

Heavyweight Final:
Todd Mueckenheim def. Romulo Azevedo by 2×0 (pts)
Todd proved to be among the best in the world at this tournament. The Mike Wacker black belt had a tough bracket, but showed incredible composure and superior wrestling through the tournament, stopping the crafty veteran Romulo “Caju” by takedown. Todd also finished Lucas Rocha by RNC in the semi finals, two high profile wins for the American.

Super Heavyweight Final:
Cassio Francis def. Fernando Andrade Reis by referee decision
A lacklustre match between the two Brazilians in the only -100kg match of the day.

Ultra Heavyweight Final:
Aaron Johnson def. Leo D’avila by straight ankle lock
Great performance by Johnson, who submitted the veteran D’avilla in the first half of the match.

Open Weight Final:
Jonathan Satava takes the gold by closing out with Dillon Danis
Both athletes had different paths to the final, Satava going through a war against the much larger Cassio Francis, winning by referee decision in the semi final. Danis submitted his way in.


Female Absolute:
Karen Antunes def. Alison Tremblay by RNC
With no matches fought in the standard weight classes, the women’s division was solely grappled in the open weight category. Antunes was unstoppable there, steamrolling both her opponents, submitting Alison and the veteran Carina Damm.

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