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ADCC 2017 Day 1 Results: New Australian Star Jones Puts the “G” Back in Guard

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Gordon Ryan Guard Passing Instructional

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 Espoo – Finland. The first day of the biggest no-gi jiu jitsu (submission wrestling) tournament in the world, the ADCC which is spread across two days. The tournament gathered some of the very best grappling competitors in the world through a series of trials run through all continents, also bringing talent in by invitation.

One of the positive notes worthy of mention was the whole outlook of the tournament, which was a few steps above previous events. Excellent mats, professional scoreboards and intelligent refereeing. Thumbs up!

Craig Jones

As per usual the tournament started at full speed, given that the first day of the tournament has traditionally brings more submissions than the semis/finals day. From all weight classes, the 88 kg – referenced by many (us included) as the ‘Group of Death‘ brought many surprising and amazing matches. The athlete who stood out the most was Craig Jones of Australia’s Absolute MMA, who was the revelation of the day and arguably of the year with his performance. Jones submitted both 5x IBJJF World Champion Leandro Lo and old school star Murilo Santana to reach the semi finals of the event.

Craig JonesJones and Gordon Ryan showed a more submission oriented game, dethroning the ‘old school’ ADCC (AKA sloppy wrestling and a reluctance to play guard) with forward pressing guard games. On the other side of the brackets  was the ‘last standing samurai’ of the old school, Xande Ribeiro who will be competing against Gordon tomorrow. The legendary former ADCC champion submitted both his opponents – John Slater and Rustam Chsiev with ease.

Another warrior performance was that of AJ Agazarm who single handedly defeated two DDS athletes in newcomer – and youngest athlete to ever enter the ADCC finals tournament Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten. In the 1/4 finals Agazarm hurt one of his ribs during a scramble and was in serious pain for most of the match, but managed to push through and come out the victor with a two point lead.

Super Fight Result:
Very dominant win by Andre Galvao over Claudio Calasans by 14×0.


AJ Agazarm vs Pablo Mantovani
Cobrinha vs Paulo Miyao

Lucas Lepri vs Vagner Rocha
JT Torres vs Garry Tonon

Keenan Cornelius vs Craig Jones
Gordon Ryan vs Xande Ribeiro

Rafael Lovato Jr vs Felipe Pena
Yuri Simoes vs Jackson Souza

Marcus Almeida vs Roberto Cyborg
Orlando Sanchez vs Jared Dopp

E. Karpinen vs Bianca Basílio
Michelle Nicolini vs Bia Mesquita

Gabi Garcia vs Jessica Flowers (Oliveira)
Samantha Cook vs Treta Nogueira

Below are the individual results for the ADCC elimination rounds. Tomorrow we will have the semi finals, finals and ADCC division.

RoundWeightWinnerLoserPts WinnerPts LoserOther
E199+KGTom DeblassC. Hellenberg00Ref decision
E199+KGOrlando SanchezH. Sekine20
E199+KGVinny MagalhaesBruno BastosToe hold
E199+KGJared DoppAbdulaev RuslanMounted triangle
E199+KGMarcus AlmeidaA. ZhanpeisovRNC
E199+KGTim SpriggsJ. Pietkainen60
E199+KGRoberto AbreuKhazmat Stambulov00Penalty
E199+KGVictor HonorioJesseray Childrey50
4F99+KGJared DoppVinny Magalhaes00Ref decision
4F99+KGMarcus AlmeidaTim SpriggsRNC
4F99+KGOrlando SanchezTom DeBlass00Ref decision
4F99+KGRoberto AbreuVictor Honorio00Ref decision
E199KGFelipe PenaY. OzawaArmbar
E199KGJake ShieldsA. Bilarov50
E199KGRafael LovatoEliott KellyPts
E199KGMahamed AlyKamil Uminski30
E199KGYuri SimoesRoman Dolidze20
E199KGJoao AssisJeff MonsonInside heel-hook
E199KGM. PerezSalomao Ribeiro20
E199KGJackson SouzaPaul Ardila00Penalties
4F99KGFelipe PenaA. Bilarov50
4F99KGRafael LovatoMahamed Aly30
4F99KGYuri SimoesM. Perez00Ref decision
4F99KGJackson SouzaJoao Assis00Ref decision
E188KGKeenan CorneliusPiotr Frechowicz60
E188KGKaynan DuartePablo PopovichSubmission
E188KGCraig JonesLeandro LoRNC
E188KGMurilo SantanaJames Brasco20
E188KGRuslam ChsievJesse Urholin00Ref decision
E188KGAlexandre RibeiroJohn SalterArmbar
E188KGRomulo BarralKit Dale00Ref decision
E188KGGordon RyanDillon Danis00Ref decision
4F88KGKeenan CorneliusKaynan DuarteOutside heel hook
4F88KGCraig JonesMurilo SantanaFlying triangle
4F88KGAlexandre RibeiroRustam ChsievArmbar
4F88KGGordon RyanRomulo BarralRNC
E177KGLucas LepriOsman KasimovRNC
E177KGMansher KheraSergio Ardila20
E177KGDJ JacksonLeo Saggioro00Ref decision
E177KGVagner RochaTero Pyylampi30
E177KGJT TorresLachlan Giles30
E177KGCelso ViniciusEnrico Coco30
E177KGGarry TononFelipe Cesar20
E177KGMarcelo MafraOliver Taza20
4F77KGLucas LepriMansher Khera00Ref decision
4F77KGVagner RochaDJ Jackson00Ref decision
4F77KGJT TorresCelso Vinicius00Penalties
4F77KGGarry TononMarcelo Mafra00Penalties
E166KGRubens CharlesU. Zhakshylyk30
E166KGKuba WitkowskiBaret Yoshida00Penalty
E166KGPaulo MiyaoJanus Andrejczuk100
E166KGGeo MartinezKamil Wilk32
E166KGAugusto MendesYuta Shimada40
E166KGAJ AgazarmNicky Ryan20
E166KGPablo MantovaniE. Elgland20
E166KGEthan CrelinstenNicollas RenierReverse triangle
4F66KGRubens CharlesKuba WitkowskiArmbar
4F66KGPaulo MiyaoGeo Martinez82
4F66KGPablo MantovaniAugusto Mendes00Ref decision
4F66KGAJ AgazarmEthan Crelinsten20
4F60+KGGabrielle GarciaAmanda AlequinToe hold
4F60+KGJessica FlowersM. MalyjasiakArmbar
4F60+KGTalita NogueiraVenla LuukkonenPts
4F60+KGSamantha CookTara WhitePts
4F60+KGE. KarpinenMackenzie Dern42
4F60KGBia MesquitaArmbar
4F60KGMichelle NicoliniRikako Yuasa00Ref decision
4F60KGBianca BasilioTalita Alencar00Ref decision
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