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ADCC Finals Results: Ryan and Torres Take Gold for USA, Pena Absolute Champ!

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 and the final results for the ADCC tournament are out! The biggest submission wrestling/no-gi jiu jitsu tournament in the world was held in Helsinki – Finland this year, at the excellent Espoo venue, a perfect arena for an event of this magnitude.

Yesterday, during the Day 1 of the ADCC finals we saw plenty of upsets, with a few up-and-comers dethroning some of the event’s favourites. This undertone carried on during this final day to a lower extent. From all the surprises of yesterday still in the race, only Gordon Ryan, Bianca Basílio and AJ Agazarm made it through to the final – 3 of the 5 athletes we mentioned in our ‘ADCC Dark Horses‘ article last week.

One of the stories of the tournament was without a doubt the rise of Gordon Ryan as one of the biggest names in no-gi today. Ryan went through a who’s-who of grappling, defeating three legends of the sport and a rising talent in Dillon Danis, confirming his spot and proving any doubters wrong while showing a very well rounded game and taking down 3 out of 4 opponents in his weight class. Aside from the Danaher Death Squad member the ADCC also shone some light back into AJ Agazarm’s real depth of talent. The Gracie Barra 66 kilogram contender had been disregarded by many given his lack of success over these past few months, but the Florida born grappler showed he is the real deal and that he belongs in this weight class.

Other names worthy of mentioning were Felipe Pena, Yuri Simoes and JT Torres, all of which had grueling matches in front of them and handed them as the veterans that they are with true craftsmanship. Yuri accomplished that which has only been done once in the ADCC – win 2 world titles in separate weight classes (88kg [2015] and 99kg [2017]), stealing the gold medal from Felipe Pena who is a 2nd time runner-up. The other competitor who successfully won two weight classes was Jeff Monson (1999/2005).

On the 77 kilogram division Torres had two absolute wars against Gary Tonon and Lucas Lepri today, defeating both competitors in a clinic of composure. Never out of the race, Torres was put in some tough spots by Lepri but came back strong to steal the title from the Brazilian.

Felipe Pena was the ruler of the open weight class, where he was placed in a hell of a bracket, one with names such as Xande Ribeiro, Marcus Almeida and Victor Honorio. In the end Preguica accomplished a title that had ‘ran’ away from him for the past two events, conquering the absolute ADCC gold medal by defeating Gordon Ryan in the final (6×0).

On a more negative note, the ADCC had an enormous amount of 0x0 matches, decided by referee decision. This is one of the toughest tournaments in grappling today and scoring under these rules is indeed incredibly tough. Below are the individual Match Results for this tournament’s finals.



Below are the match results and medalists for the ADCC worlds. For full match results of day 1 (elimination rounds and quarter finals) press here.

Chael Sonnen defeated Leozinho Vieira by judge decision (0x0 score)

RoundWeightWinnerLoserPts WinnerPts LooserOther
SF99+KGOrlando SanchezJared Dopp00Decision
SF99+KGMarcus AlmeidaCyborg Abreu40
3D99+KGCyborg AbreuJared Dopp00Decision
F99+KGMarcus AlmeidaOrlando Sanchez30
SF99KGFelipe PenaRafael Lovato00Decision
SF99KGYuri Simoes Jackson Sousa30
3D99KGJackson SousaRafael Lovato00Decision
F99KGYuri Simoes Felipe Pena20
SF88KGKeenan Cornelius Craig Jones130
SF88KGGordon RyanAlexandre Ribeiro 00Decision
3D88KGAlexandre Ribeiro Craig Jones20
F88KGGordon RyanKeenan Cornelius Arm in guillotine
SF77KGLucas LepriVagner Rocha00Decision
SF77KGJT TorresGary Tonon00Decision
3D77KGVagner RochaGary Tonon20
F77KGJT TorresLucas Lepri30
SF66KGRubens CobrinhaPaulo Miyao 00Penalty (0x1)
SF66KGAJ AgazarmPablo Mantovani00Decision
3D66KGPaulo Miyao Pablo Mantovani100
F66KGRubens CobrinhaAJ Agazarm30
SF60+KGGabi GarciaJessica Flowers20
SF60+KGTalita TretaSamantha Cook00Decision
3D60+KGJessica FlowersSamantha Cook30
F60+KGGabi GarciaTalita TretaAmericana
SF60KGBianca BasilioE. Karppinen00Decision
SF60KGBia MesquitaMichelle NicoliniDecision
3D60KGMichelle NicoliniE. Karppinen30
F60KGBianca BasilioBianca BasilioRNC

Full open weight results will be on display once the absolute tournament is finished.

BracketRoundWinnerLoserPts WinnerPts LooserOther    
AR1Alexandre RibeiroT. PyylampiArmbar
AR1Felipe PenaCelso Vinicius60
AR1Victor HonorioZhanpeisovFootlock
AR1Marcus AlmeidaMike Perez00Penalty
BR1Dillon DanisY. OzawaArm in guillotine
BR1Mahamed AlyEliott Kelly20
BR1Craig JonesChael SonnenOutside heel hook
BR1Gordon RyanRoberto AbreuInside heel hook
A4FMarcus AlmeidaAlexandre Ribeiro30
A4FFelipe PenaVictor Honorio120
B4FMahamed AlyDillon Danis00pen
B4FGordon RyanCraig JonesKatagatame
ASFGordon RyanMahamed AlyHeel hook
BSFFelipe PenaMarcus AlmeidaRNC
FFelipe PenaGordon Ryan60
3RDMarcus AlmeidaMahamed AlyHeel hook1
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